The cliche of running a marathon

Most of us have heard it, some of us have used it-“this is just like running a marathon.” I caught myself saying it today-“dig deep, do what you have to do, and finish. This is just like running a marathon.”

In cycling, the cliche is “put your nose to the stem and pedal-hard.”

Either way, we describe life’s crunch times as analogous to the pain and struggle of a tough race. The point where you go on auto pilot despite the hurt, yet you are still putting in a large amount of effort to keep your pace up.

I’m running the marathon of life right now. I’m living the cliche. Perhaps, I am being a bit dramatic. But, honestly I have never quite done anything as hard intellectually as I am doing right now. My days are packed from 6 am with the mandatory workout to 9 or 10 at night. In between I am juggling many different balls that require me to utilize my time and efforts wisely. Despite this, my “pace” doesn’t seem enough at the moment.

That’s the emotional part. Marathons are emotional. One mile you feel fast, brilliant, and the time flies by. The next mile your legs have turned to lead and you count every second.

Even before you toe the line of the marathon, you’ve put many miles and hours of training in. Sometimes you follow a plan and yet, overtraining occurs. Perhaps, my stress is merely a part of over training?

However, as I keep reminding myself right now, the end justifies the means. When you reach the finish line, your memory erases all of the pain that it took to get there and instead you relish in the glorious moment of finishing. A day later, the “mind eraser” makes you start googling another race and so the cycle continues.

Like marathons, I’m addicted to stress. I’m addicted to pushing myself hard-whether physically or mentally. It seems only natural that phases of my life can only be compared to the marathon.

Do you catch yourself using this cliche?

If your not a marathoner, what do you compare your stressful life moments to?



Thoughts? Ideas? Questions? I love hearing from you all!

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