Inspired to run strong and long



I’ve been lost in reading today. Reading all about the many people who ran marathons this weekend. With Twin Cities, Chicago, Portland, and Long Beach amongst many others, I was swelling with pride reading about everyone’s PR, inaugural marathons, and unexpected finishes.

I then started googling “marathon calendars.” I got the itch.

It didn’t help that I took this Mountain Mama out for her first trail run!

Mountain Mama and I at the start of the Turkey Trot last year.


We woke up yesterday morning both feeling the urge to get some fresh air and exercise. We bundled up for the 30 degree weather and hit the local trail, Coyote Ridge.

We started out with a walk to warm up and as the incline began, I started jogging thinking that when I reached the first ridge that I would turn around and walk back to catch up or catch my breathe and wait. Instead when I stopped and looked back I saw Mom close behind. She was smiling and doing this weird Rocky move with her arms. I gave her a thumbs up and she gave me a thumbs up back. We kept on trucking.

With half a mile to go before the summit, Mom was grinning from ear to ear. I kept telling her to watcher her step and when she wanted to walk I told her “to dig deep, we are almost there.” The sky was a piercing blue and the air chilly, but we were sweating and the natural high was incredible. She reached the top and we high fived and took pictures were her iphone. On the way back down we wogged (walk jogged) and gossiped in between sound bytes from my Mom of “I’m going to be out here more often.” “I can’t believe this is so close and I never came before.” “No excuses.”

You’re right Mountain Mama- “No Excuses.” Between an inspiring trail run with a 60 year old non runner and all the inspirational marathon stories from the weekend, I’m ready to train again and ready to go!

Mountain Mama ready for her run.

Anyone race this weekend?

Anyone wish that they had raced this weekend?

What’s next on your race schedule?



4 responses to “Inspired to run strong and long

  1. Put me in the wishing camp! But my time is now less than 2 weeks away. I’ll be interested to see which marathon you’ll pick for your next. Congrats to your mom! I’d love to have an experience like that with mine.

    • You will do awesome! Good luck! and you won’t be jealous of our cold in about a month. It gets bitter.

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