Taking a break & an almost trip to Africa


This week could not have FALLen (get it?) at a better time. My body needed a break from physical activity. Yes, I was sore from the half marathon on Sunday, but aside from that I mentally fatigued with working out right now.

Perfect timing indeed. The seasons are officially changing here in Laramie. It has not gotten above 50 degrees in the last three days. And it’s been raining non stop. Staying inside, working on my thesis, reading for class, and drinking coffee while wearing flannel sounds so cozy and comforting to me right now. Far better than banging out miles on a treadmill. Or slogging through the mud on the bike.

Super flattering picture of my total couch hair. I know, I’m so precious.

A little Mountain Khaki love on the corner of the coffee table this A.M

Sad sunflowers. Just as they bloomed they started to die. Such goes gardening at 7,000ft.

In other news, it is time to catch up on things. Like, for one my thesis. But, I also found out yesterday that I was chosen to take a class next semester that starts with 10 days in the Canary Islands! Pretty incredible.

In the 4th grade we had a student teacher from Africa and we spent the whole entire year focusing every curriculum and unit in Mrs. Roskowski’s class on Africa. The culminating project was that each student had to write a report on two countries in Africa. Mine were on Angola and  South Africa. Ever since then a dream of mine is to get to Africa.

I get to hike those mountains, volcanos, ect. This is going to be awesome!

Now, I realize that The Canary Islands are a Spanish Island. However, they are located  off the coast Africa and right now in my life, it’s about as close to the dream as I can get. We will spend a week hiking around the island with professors from The University of Tenerife finding out about the enironmental issues that plague the island. Then we come back in the Spring and write an environmental analysis based on the issues within the framework of EU policy.

Freakin’ awesome!-Right?!

This only means one thing-updating the passport!

Ever studied abroad? I did Austria my third year of college and spent a lot of time backpacking Europe.

Ever been to the canary islands?


5 responses to “Taking a break & an almost trip to Africa

  1. So jealous, Kait! What an amazing opportunity. My big travel dream is to go on safari in Africa. I’m trying to make it happen within the next couple years. We’ll see!

  2. Ahhh, such a great opportunity! Can you please write super detailed posts about it!? A visit to the Canary Island and a hike up Mt Teide are high on our “must do” list!

    And enjoy your down time! 🙂

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