Post half marathon pain

I asked for this pain. I didn’t train very hard. But, quite frankly I wanted this pain. I bask in this pain. I love pushing myself to the point of being sore the next day. Yesterday I didn’t quite feel the pain that badly and I thought maybe I didn’t push hard enough.

Well, maybe I didn’t push hard enough, but I surely pushed enough.

I’m sore. Gloriously sore. Deep in my muscles, be careful how you step because your leg might give out, sore. However, I’m not so sore that I can’t get myself from certain seated positions by only using my upper body or lowering myself down in the same manner. That’s how I know I pushed really hard.

How do I deal with the pain?

  • I iced the legs last night and took ibuprofen to relieve the inflammation.
  • I woke up and went to sunrise yoga at 6:30 today.
  • I foam roll.
  • I eat clean, healthy, and nutritious (except for yesterday when I craved nothing but salt all afternoon and ate mac n cheese and mozzarella sticks for dinner).
  • Drink lots of water and antioxidant tea
  • Take walks

By my estimation, I should be feeling good by Wednesday. Fingers crossed anyways.

How do you ease post workout pain?

How do you know how hard you have pushed it in a workout?


5 responses to “Post half marathon pain

  1. My body is always sore after playing field hockey on Sundays but I sort of love it cause I know I worked hard! 🙂

  2. I agree with you, Kait. I LOVE the feeling of sore. I took a kickbox cardio class last Monday and I was so sore the next morning. If I’m doing a new workout, and my muscles aren’t sore the next morning, to me it means that I didn’t push hard enough.

    The most sore I’ve ever been in my life would be the first day back in gymnastics and later, dance classes, after some time off. Just total body sore. Neck, forearms, ankles, not to mention the big muscle groups. It’s neat to think that your body does get used to it.

    The older I get, I’ve noticed I am no longer morning-after sore as much, but two days-out sore. Strange. Does that happen to you at all?

    • Yes-I know that tomorrow is going to be barutal. Sucks getting old.Right now I am holding on to the banister with dear life going down the stairs. I thrive on this kind of pain though.

  3. Oooo. I always want to be lazy when I’m hurting, but it definitely helps to move around. I don’t really love post-workout pain.. I prefer to keep that for inside the gym. That doesn’t always work!

  4. Hmm I train like hell to avoid that pain 🙂 it never works, but none the less I’d prefer to feel like a million bucks the next day and get on about exploring wherever I went to race

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