Equinox half marathon race recap

If you want a real race recap from a kick butt runner, then head on over to this chica’s blog. If you want an average runner recap, then read on. (She also has pics, which I’m lacking due to not running with my camera or having a fancy phone).

This is all I’ve got-stock photos. Your welcome.

I drove down to Fort Collins yesterday afternoon for packet pick up. Super easy, fast, oh and they held it at Fort Collins Brewery with $2 off beers. You know I took advantage of that with a double chocolate coffee stout. Go big or go home with carb loading.

I woke up and did my pre race rituals-coffee, bagel thin with peanut butter (thanks Mom), bathroom, ect. All my fretting last night? Turns out it was over nothing. I found one of Kiera’s barrettes, decided on the muffin top tank with a long sleeve over it, and called it good. I hit the road to Fort Collins High School at about 5:45. It perturbed me a bit that we had to take a bus to the start. I like someone to drop me off at the start and pick me up at the finish. I’m a princess like that. However, in the end. I embraced it as part of the adventure.

Plus I had these two to kick it with on the bus ride. Made it go by so much faster.

We waited at the start, the Mishawaka Ampitheater. Ah, so many memories. I don’t miss Fort Collins, but I do miss the Poudre Canyon and shows at the Mish. The last time I saw a show there was 2 years ago-Robert Randolph. Anyway, I digress.

robert randolph

Efo and Weez started way ahead because they’re cool fast like that. Me, I hung back with the 10 minute milers. Turned out to be a great place. The start was not crowded at all. I put it on cruise control and sat back to take in the incredible vistas of the canyon walls and river.

Not my photo because I didn’t bring a camera, but totally could have been today. This is the Poudre Canyon from google images. This was the view for 13.1 miles. Sigh.

I thought back to my memories of playing on the Poudre as we passed certain landmarks-mountain biking on Young’s and Hewlett Gulch, picnic spots where we would drop in and tube down to The Picnic Rocks, the fire that happened at Picnic Rocks in 2004-the year I moved here, and hiking at Grey Rocks. Remnants of the recent High Park Fire loomed high above forming a ring around us.

Once I started running I devised a game plan. Not before the race, but during. Because that is how I roll-wing and a prayer.

I decided to break the run up into a 5 miler (take a Gu), another 5 miler (another Gu), and wrap it up in a big bow with a final  5k. It worked out pretty good.

Except that at mile 8 I realized that my legs didn’t really hurt and by mile 11 that I probably should have been running a bit harder this whole time. So, I kicked it up a gear and finished the last 2.1 miles with 8-8.5 minute miles.

Not my best time, but not my worst. 2:09:xx

3 things I liked about this race:

  • Meeting Erin and Brian-super cool and super fun
  • Packet pick up at a brewery
  • Super organized from beginning to end. No question of where you had to be. Fabulous views. Great tech shirt and souvenir beer glass. Great finish line with burritos and beer.

1 Thing that I was EH about:

  • The road was not closed to traffic. Originally it was suppose to be, then just one lane. Today both lanes were opened. This left us running on a very narrow shoulder at time and the camber of the road did a number on my hip, sciatic nerve, and foot.

I feel that I’m at a plateau with my fitness and this distance running might be a good opportunity for me to whip out “Run Less Run Faster” and train for the Heart Center Half in November.

In the meantime I’m off to eat more carrot cake. Yup, JWail surprised me with homemade carrot cake when I came home today. I’m kickin’ it on the couch, recovering in style!

Anyone else race this weekend? How did you do?




6 responses to “Equinox half marathon race recap

  1. Congrats on what sounds like an overall satisfying experience! I was supposed to spectate at the Denver RnR events, but I’ve come down with a nasty virus and have no voice and no energy. Your race sounds prettier anyway!

  2. Awesome recap and it was SO fantastic finally meeting up with you! I can’t wait to run the November half again with you. I’ll tell you one thing… I am INSANELY sore today. It’s my feet that ache the most. (PS race recap and photos will be up tomorrow!)

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