The eve of a race


Tomorrow is the Equinox Half Marathon in Fort Collins, CO. It’s the last of my birthday celebratory week (yup-29 deserves a whole week), my first half marathon in almost  a year and my longest distance race since the marathon last May.

I’ve got nerves. And anxiety.

1. I am at my Mom’s by myself. Usually JWail accompanies me, or my Mom, since she lives here and all house. But, my Mom is on a work trip and JWail stayed back in Laramie because of the parking situation for spectators tomorrow. Either they have to park and take a bus to the finish (not an option because we would have the 2 dogs) or pay $10 for a limited amount of parking spaces. Super bummer and pretty ridiculous if you ask me. I understand that parking is limited because of the location up a canyon, but really?! Regardless, no one is here to help take my mind off of tomorrow.

2. I also have to take a bus in the morning. This means doing a bag check. Because I won’t have a spectator I need to think about what to do with my car keys. Perhaps throw away clothes? My ID so that I can drink free beer after (priorities). I really don’t want to check a bag so I am trying to make my wardrobe work. Not to mention that there are no Gus at the aid station and we were told to carry our own-thanks race (even though we got one in our packet pick up?)

3. Do I attach the car key to my shoe lace with a zip tie? Do I wear my tank top that has a zippered pocket, which would fit everything, but gives me a muffin top? Do I just carry my Gus and ID in my hand?

4. I don’t have a bobby pin. First world problems, I know. I forgot to pack them and I have scoured my Mom’s house, but no dice. I do have a stretchy headband, but not sure that it can tame these unruly grown out bangs.

5. I haven’t really trained for this, and I am not sure what plan of action I should have. Last week when we raced our mountain bikes, my goal was to push hard, yet have fun. Tomorrow? I’m not sure. I guess just run. Pound out the miles and see what happens?

I like this plan. I think I will do this. Decision made.

The good thing? Packet pick up was at Fort Collins Brewery and they gave us $2 off a pint. Score.

Well, here’s to another wing and a prayer race!

Do you ever stress out about ridiculous stuff before a race? I think this is the worst I have ever been. I need a chill pill. Or glass of wine.

How do you carry small items? Do you have a small belt, jacket pocket? I used to have an awesome running/biking jacket with a zip pocket, but the zipper broke. I used to have shorts with a back zipper pocket, but they wore out. I really need to consider something for future races.



3 responses to “The eve of a race

  1. Sounds like you’ve found a way to have a great attitude towards the race. I definitely had my own day of stress before the Danskin Tri and had to reframe my version of what a successful race day would be. As for small items – I run with an Amphipod handheld water bottle that has a strap with a small zippered pouch. It holds my house keys, ID $5, and would hold a couple Gus.

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