Birthday celebrations Mountain Kait style


I let it be known earlier this week that I was turning 29. It was cause for celebration. Ringing in the last year of my 20’s.

Although I started celebrating a wee bit early, Wednesday was the official day. In fact, one could argue that the true celebration of the actual day started Tuesday at 4 with happy hour at our local brewery that gives you a birthday beer and ended at 11 this morning when I dropped off my precious 2 year old niece at day care.

So cute. Love her!

Yup, we started Tuesday night at the brewery. Ate dinner then headed over to campus where Snake River Brewing was doing a tasting and Mark Jenkins, a local Laramieite, was giving his presentation on climbing Everest this past May. My take away point that he couldn’t stress enough:

It’s cool, but totally over rated these days as people pay upwards of $100,000 to outfitters to get them safely to the tops. He said he had done way cooler backcountry climbing trips that many people have never even heard of.

Wednesday-the big day. It was business as usual in the morning. Office hours, class…blah blah blah.

I then watched a leisurely, sinful episode of RHOC, and hit the road for Denver.

The destination? My Soulsistah and Three Foot Tall Red Head.

My Sis had bought tickets to see Train at Red Rocks back in May. It was my birthday present. Everyone should see a show at the iconic Red Rocks at least once in their life. I hadn’t been since Sublime and Dirty Heads two years ago. Love that place. Unfortunately I wore flip flops and also forgot how much uphill walking and stair climbing that Red Rocks requires. But, great way to burn off the 2 for margs and Mexican food that we had before.

Wish I could have gotten a better photo, but it was dark when we got there. Sunset at Red Rocks is a religious experience.

Regardless, I forgot how much live music-even if it is a top 40 boy band-feeds my soul and makes me smile from the inside out. Especially at an outside venue in the mountains of Colorado. In fact, we watched people mountain bike passed the line of cars waiting to park. Should have been us.

I woke up to a sweet face and precious voice front and center saying “happy birday Auntie Taitie.” Aw. I may have been on 6 hours of sleep, but my heart melted and we spent the morning together-cuddling in bed, making breakfast, playing at the park, and having snack before it was time to drop her off at daycare. Words can’t describe how that child filled my soul with joy today.

Don’t ask me how she smiled. I may have tickled her belly first.

And….I’m back. To the real world (whatever that may be). I had night class tonight and I have to teach first thing in the morning. But, have no fear. This is merely a respite in the festivities. I still have a half marathon on Sunday to run. It might be safe to say by then that the birthday festivities will have subsided. Until then….dream big and play hard!


6 responses to “Birthday celebrations Mountain Kait style

  1. Happy birthday, yo! I so want to see a show at the Red Rocks one of these days in my life… maybe when I’m out of grad school (and grad school stipends). Can’t wait to see ya on Sunday. Wanna meet at the HS to catch the bus up the canyon together? 6:15AM? PS are you wearing throw-away clothes, or are you gonna gear-check your clothes?

    • i’m not wearing throw away because we were up there last weekend and it was comfortable at the start. (But it is a week later). I am doing a bag check because I will need car keys and an id for beer after. Parking looks ridiculous for spectators so Josh is staying up here. 6:15 sounds great!

  2. Sounds like a wonderful 29th birthday. I’ve always wanted to see a show at Red Rocks. My aunt and uncle and grandparents live in Denver, so I think I should turn it into a trip to see them and see a concert. Happy belated!

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