What’s next?


Well, in case you didn’t know or perhaps you forgot, but it’s my birthday week. A milestone birthday if you will. My Grandma Watts, when asked her age, would always reply “29 and holding.” I never really got it when she said it. I thought it was a funny way of saying “a lady never tells her age.” Well, I get it now. Wednesday marks the day that I will be the oldest I will ever get.

She looks 29 to me.

A cause to celebrate?! I think so.

I started Saturday by racing 40 in the Fort on my new bike (Happy birthday to me x2). My Mom had a pizza party for me, per my request Saturday night complete with carrot cake and wine. What did she get me?

  • 15# dumbells
  • New running capris
  • An ipod adaptor for my truck so I don’t have to listen to scratched cds anymore
  • And trashy magazines-People, US Weekly, In Touch. My vices.

Spoiled? Yup. And proud of it. So far, so good.

But, the celebrating continues this week.

Tuesday: Dinner with JWail

Wendesday: Dinner with the favorite now 3 ft tall red head and Train at Red Rocks with my Seester

Will you share some of your ice cream sandwhich with Auntie? It’s her birthday!

Sunday: A half marathon-Woohoo!

With a tough mountain bike race behind me and a half marathon on deck, I have a week of caution ahead of me. I took yesterday off, not so much because I was sore, but because I was tired and incredibly drained. I spent a lot of time lying around reading and catching up on work for the week. But, this morning I woke up early and banged out 6 incredibly strong miles. I could not believe how good I felt. The calves are a bit sore and tight. But, nothing that stretching, foam rolling, and compression socks can’t fix.


I’ll probably do an every other day running schedule this week with runs averaging about 6 miles. I am hoping to get at least one trail run in and maybe a long run? Probably not the latter, but definitely the former.

Onwards and upwards, I have a lot of celebrating and fun in store as I ring in the last year of my 20’s and the oldest age I will ever get!



5 responses to “What’s next?

  1. Happy Birthday! Your week sounds fantastic to me.

    So should I be 39 and holding? Nah, I’m going to OWN that 4-0 when it rolls around in January. :^)

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