Half marathon training ensues

So, it’s no secret that I have a half marathon in a week and a half and quite frankly, I’m just not that into training for it. I have been trail running plenty, but my comfort zone is at about 3-5 miles. The thought of being out there for 10-12 miles or 2 hours on the pavement just seems torturous to me.

However, all of this changed today. I planned on a long run even though I have a mountain bike race this Saturday. I put it off-all.day. I told myself if I woke up with the dogs at 5:30-6 ish that I would put on my shoes and run. JWail got up and fed them while I slept until my alarm went off at 7. I told myself that I would get X,Y,and Z done for work. That didn’t happen. I was working on Z, when I may or may not have fallen asleep on the couch (a pitfall of working from home).

I was awoken from my dozing state by some very rambunctious puppies, who are actually dogs, but we just call them puppies.

This st.bernard mix is obviously not a puppy, but he does love to curl up in a bed too small for him and pretend that he is.

Without thinking, I said to JWail, I will take them trail running and do half my run up at Happy Jack and half my run in town. Hah! Who was I fooling? I would probably just run the trails and call it a day.

If that day happen to be any other but today.

I started out on the trails and my legs felt fresh and strong. The leaves were yellow and crinkling beneath my feet. The smell of mold and decay (yup, that’s what Fall smells like because that is what is happening) got up into my head and made me high. All this made me love the run and remind me why I do this.

Some are even more yellow than this and all over the ground and trail.

The pups were happy and we just kept trucking along for about 3 miles. Then the drizzle started. We turned back to the truck. By the time we made it back I had covered 5 miles (they about 8 because they constantly run off the trail and back and forth and do circles around me) and it was downpouring. We were all soaked.

Muddy shoes after the run. They are resting on an antique shoe sitter. Apparently there are only a hundred in the world and we have. I don’t like to sit on it because I feel I will break it, but it’s great to rest your muddy shoes.

And some of us were more tired than other. Eh hem-KyKy.

So cute now, but earlier she had rolled in a mud pit which required a bath. Now she is sulking because 8 year old dog thinks she is a puppy and is now sore and wet.

I came home feeling (surprise surprise) like I could do more. So, I immediately changed into dry clothes and hit up the gym for 7.5  more treadmill miles making it a total of 12.5  today. With my bad attitude towards running lately, I feel like I need a medal for this or something.

I’ll take a Hansen’s soda and homemade pizza instead. Way more satisfying than a medal.

Boom! I’m running a half marathon in a week in a half!

And a big mountain bike race on Saturday-what’s up taper?

I didn’t say it would be pretty, or I won’t swear and cuss and come back limping, but by golly, I have the confidence!

Welcome back running confidence-it’s nice to meet you again.

Good days or bad days running lately?

How do you get over a bad run?

Any awesome run lately that you would like to brag about?

12 responses to “Half marathon training ensues

  1. Glad you found your mojo for the half! Fall is great for great runs. I had a really nice one last Friday–I could have kept going and going. It was that fall nip in the early morning air (even though it was 90 later).

    • It’s been a long time since I’ve had that “I can just keep going” feeling. Sometimes it all comes together. Other times, not so much. So happy that you had a great run last week too!

  2. Wow, your dedication is amazing! I would definitely have looked outside at the rain and said, PFFFFT. But good for you. You will be so glad you did all this hard training when your half marathon comes.

  3. This 13.1 ain’t no thaaaaang. You’ll be golden. Plus, it’s all downhill (kinda) and at a lower altitude than you’re used to. And pavement is much easier to run fast on, than trails. I think you might just surprise yourself 🙂

    • I hope that your positivity becomes far more contagious on me in the next week. Right now, I am a bit skeptical, although all of these things you say make perfect sense.

  4. Our dogs will ALWAYS be puppies too!! Pippa kind of still is… People always think Boyd is a puppy… we kind of go along with it since he still acts like it!! You need to post more pics of your dogs! They are gorgeous!!!

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