Food for Fall


Nothing starts a Thursday morning off better than a mountain bike ride amongst the changing trees of fall. It was crisp, with blue skies, and a glowing sun. Brings the rest of my day to a whole new level.

Thursday is my night class-6:30-9:30, which is way late for this school marm who enjoys sweat pants by 7, and in bed with a good book by 8:30. So, I try to enjoy the morning and not make it the long day that it could turn into. It’s all about balance.

The early morning fall rides with their crisp cool air, only reminds me that the garden harvest season is coming to a close as well. Although, I can’t seem to get rid of the zucchini.

And I am still picking 2-3 each day.

Lots of surprises in the cooking department these days.

What’s in the cookie jar?


Zucchini chocolate chip cookies!

What else can you do with zucchini?

Mini zucchini quiches of course!

And on a non zucchini cooking relate note?What to do with all the apples?

Homemade crockpot apple sauce-fabulous on oatmeal for a fall breakfast (with a side of mini zucchini quiche of course).


Today’s dinner menu? As they say in Armenian-Dolma, or as we call them here, simply stuffed zucchini and stuffed peppers-in the crockpot of course.

Because nothing feels more fall than coming into a warm, cozy house filled with the smell of food cooking in the crock pot.

Favorite foods for Fall?

Favorite things to do in the Fall? Besides mountain biking in long sleeves, I love football on Sundays, Pumpkin beer, and baked apples for dessert.



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