What I did on summer vacation



I’m drinking a beer at the moment trying to unwind after a day of lesson planning, errand running, article reading, gym going, and thesis writing. Full blown back into graduate school, I can’t help but reminisce about the last 4 months.

Enjoying a beer and reminiscing

It started back in May after I finished finals, worked steadfastly on my IRB proposal for the University. Shortly after the IRB approval, I whisked myself away to Maine to visit my Dad, our cabin, ran the Sugarloaf Marathon, and visited with family back in Rhode Island.

My favorite Maine past time-cutting the grass

Lobster and best friend from preschool-doesn’t get much better than this.


I returned for a quick week where I read books, caught up on mail, revised my thesis, and planted a garden before high tailing it to Salt Lake City to grade AP exams for a week. Yes, that’s what teachers (and grad students) do on summer vacation.

Small hikes in SLC

Once back from the grueling 9 hour days of reading the same answers to the same questions over and over again, I felt like the summer had begun.The days were longer, the sun hotter, the beer colder, and the trails tackier. In between conducting field research in Wyoming and traveling to new places, I was able to explore new trails as well. Tuesday nights I raced the local race series and even volunteered for another weekend race series here in town.

The Wyoming locals

I spent a lot of time in this position-work out clothes, computer, coffee, and dog at my feet. The perks of working from home.


I’ve managed to read over 25 books, cook A LOT-especially from the garden, sign up and train for two more fall races, babysit my niece, and trail run and hike with the dogs 3 days a week. Of course there were the mandatory long mountain bike rides and camping trips alongside trips to the pool with my niece. Nothing extreme, just mini adventures that make myself think, “where did the summer go?” and “did I fit it all in?”

In truth, I want one more road trip, a few more camping trips, some more evening bike rides, and maybe a few more scoops of ice cream. Officially, we have a few more weeks of summer. Surely I can fit these last minute wishes into the schedule.

We certainly did not do enough of this this summer


I feel like this has some deeper meaning-like the sun setting on yet another fabulous summer.

What was the highlight of your summer vacation?

What is one more thing you want to squeeze in before the official start of fall?



Thoughts? Ideas? Questions? I love hearing from you all!

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