Gear Review: Harlot Habit Women’s Shorts

I recently wrote a post about how to protect your bum while in the saddle. I also wrote a post about my thoughts on gear reviews and how women should write the reviews for gear they use. Well, how about a woman writing a gear review about women gear designed by women?

Have I confused you yet?

Harlot clothing company whose tagline is “Ride Bikes Be Fabulous”,  began by a woman in 2004 looking to  design bike shorts for women (and now designing men’s shorts). Specifically bike shorts that didn’t include humiliating lycra, feel like a diaper, or like we were wearing men’s shorts. In short, she succeeded at creating a line of outdoor, bicycle apparel that brings out the sassy, smiling, harlot in us all.

Smiling as I ride some fun single track in my Harlot shorts

The appeal of the Harlot Habit Short is that you can wear them with or without bike short padding. So, if you already own a pair of lycra bike shorts and are not crazy about the look, the Habit short fits over them nicely. At the end of a ride, you can easily take out your lycra liners and have a comfortable pair of shorts while enjoying your favorite beer out on the deck.

Or if you are heading for short rides around town, the Habit short fits nicely and protects your assets without needing any extra padding. They are also great for hiking, walking, or lounging around.

The details

  • 98% Nylon and 2% Spandex
  • Tear resistant and water repellent- I wore these shorts during the last mountain bike race of the series and coincidently, it was the first hard crash I took this season my bike. Upon falling to the ground, all I could think was, “surely I just ripped my new shorts on this rock garden.” As I stood up and started pedaling, I felt around and to my suprise they were completely in tact!
  • 4 Way stretch inseam panel- These shorts fit so well without the padding that I hesitated to think that I could fit just any pair of padded lycra liners underneath them. I was shocked that they fit even better with the lycra underneath!
  • Shaped, lined, waistband
  • Belt Loops, zip fly, no pockets, embroidery

Loving how these don’t snag on the back of my saddle while going down steeper, technical terrain.

My only complaint with these shorts is that for their all around wear, they do not have pockets and although they have snaps on the waist, they also have velcro and velcro is cumbersome when getting caught to other piece of clothing, like your shirt. All around, these are a versatile pair of shorts that could easily become your go to shorts for the summer, whether it be hiking, biking, or river rafting.

I also tested their Sophia Jacket a few years back and it is still my go to running, biking, and hiking cooler weather jacket. In addition, Harlot wear has shirts, jerseys, socks, and other outdoor clothing apparel. Head on over and check them out!

I couldn’t be happier wearing products  made for women by women and guess what, being reviewed by a woman!

**Disclaimer: Although Harlot provided me with a pair of shorts for review, all comments are my own and I was in no way compensated for the review.


3 responses to “Gear Review: Harlot Habit Women’s Shorts

  1. Can’t beat products made by women for women. I still remember the first woman specific mountain bike I bought back in – oh, 1999; I thought it was the most awesome revolution ever. And it is! Would love to try a pair of their shorts.

    • Ha ha- it is a great bike, because I am still riding it as my commuter bike! Their shorts are great. They also make a pair with a sewn in liner, that you can hardly see or feel.

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