Last minute half marathon training

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This weekend brought news that I have an entry into the Equinox Half Marathon (All you Coloradoans should check it out) on September 23rd. Great, right? Well sorta. Except that on September 15th I have a mountain bike race and September 19th is my birthday, which my Sister and I have tickets to see Train at Red Rocks. Then again, what better way to ring in the last year of my 20’s racing two fairly good size races in my birthday week?Celebrating my birthday last year with my favorite red head.

I’ve been having a great time training for 40 in the Fort. If you recall, I am doing it as a team with JWail, which alleviates quite a bit of the pressure associated with an endurance race. I’m a bit scared of the half marathon only because I have not run more than 6 miles since I ran the full Sugarloaf Marathon last May.

Coming through with high fives during the marathon.

So, how does one go about training for a decent length running event with simultaneously training for a mountain bike race full of monstrous climbing the week before?

1. I have a great base right now since I ran a marathon in May and jumped right into mountain bike racing for the summer, aiming for this big race in September. That means I can modify a training plan and not have to start from the beginning with training for the half mary.

2. I will continue long rides and hill repeat rides weekly.

3. I will definitely include 2 days in the gym to strength train. I am seeing enormous results from this and would like to continue.

4. Starting this Tuesday I will increase running mileage. Tuesday will be 8 miles. I will increase these long runs by 1-1.5 miles each week. The week of the mountain bike race and the week before the half marathon I will do a 12 mile run.

5. Continue to eat right and recover properly. Eating well is easy now since most of our food is coming straight out of the garden. Tonight was cauliflower mash potatoes and stuffed poblano peppers. Recovering also includes stretching, foam rolling, and lots of water drinking.

My new weekly schedule, you ask?


Tuesday-Long Run- am  Weight training-pm

Wednesday-Easy long recovery bike ride

Thursday-Trail Run-because we are loving this as a family right now

Friday-Weight training-yoga

Saturday-Long ride/Run

Sunday-Hill repeats on the bike

Of course these days are interchangeable. However, two tenets of my training remain:

1. I make sure that every “hard” day for me is followed by an easy day.

2. I need to make sure that I get in a long mountain bike ride around 3 hrs each week and a long run that increases in mileage each week.

Everything else is gravy in the training schedule.

I’m excited for the challenge and the big push physically the week of my birthday. Also, if you are a Coloradoan, check out the Equinox half marathon. 13 miles downhill following a river promises to be a good time.

Any fun and exciting training rides, or runs this weekend?

Anyone else training for a half marathon?

What are your basic rules of training? Share your tips.

**Disclaimer: I am not a professional or expert in training plans, I am merely just sharing what works for myself.


13 responses to “Last minute half marathon training

  1. That half looks awesome, but I doubt I will be ready by then (and my coach doesn’t like downhill races….sigh…I promised I’d do what he said!). Good luck! If nothing else, you are going to be in amazing shape.

    • Thanks! I think it will be a fun downhill race too. Boo to not being able to go downhill-that’s what I’m good at! If I had a coach, I would listen too.

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  3. That sounds like a really cool half location! I want to run a downhill one someday but I fear I would shred my quads more than usual! For some reason, I have not been able to master the downhill part of running – even uphill hurts me less. Maybe this is more gradual and you don’t really notice it the same though?!?

    • It’s downhill for sure. It goes down a canyon. Not any shark, steep downhills, but downhill none-the-less. We will see how my knees fair-I’m a bit worried about that.

      • Oh, boy! That sounds a little more intense than I was picturing 🙂 (I clearly live in the midwest where “mountain” means hill in reality – lol!) Hope your knees hold up for you!

  4. I’m a little behind the times, but YAY I just realized we’re both running the Equinox half! We should totally meet up before the start and/or take the bus up to the start together. Whatcha think?

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