The joys of trail running


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On to today’s topic at hand: Trail Running

I gave this post a title in honor of Ms. Julia Child, who would have celebrated her 200th birthday, or something like that, yesterday. PBS played repeats of her show last night, which was quite meditative to watch after a long trail run. However, don’t get any ideas, beyond my blanching and freezing of the summer garden, you will not find me French cooking.(Sorry JWail).

Now….Really on to the topic at hand-trail running and the 5 joys of it!

This summer JWail did a post for in which he reviewed approach trail shoes and trail running shoes. It inspired him to start trail running more. I was thrilled! So were the dogs. We all now have a new trail running buddy!

We’ve been getting out about twice a week on the trails running and jogging as a family.

1. The pace is slower and more manageable. I can think about my form and keeping my weight forward and landing on the balls on my feet. I tend to get tight in the shoulder, especially trail running because I am holding water or a dog leash and I can practice relaxing my top half.

2. We stop and enjoy our sorroundings. With the dogs, we must stop at creeks and water holes for them to drink or to call them back on the trail or to just give them a breather. This gives us time to look around us and enjoy nature.

The aspens are already starting to change-Fall is in the air!

3. You can go shorter than on pavement and get just as good if not a better workout. Our pace is slower on the trails to avoid tripping over rocks and roots in addition to it being a lot of ups and downs. We go slower and may cover less ground, but we always come back sweaty and with jello legs.

4. The ground is softer on your joints. Running on concrete, asphalt, and the pavement of the road can take a toll on your joints, knees, and back. Running on the dirt of trails is far less debilitating over time. Us older folk must consider these things.

5. Everyone makes it back to the car happy. The dogs had a fabulous off leash run. We got our exercise and fresh air in. All hand on deck are high on endorphins and it makes for an enjoyable rest of the day or evening.

Happy trail running dogs

As the season changes into fall and we await the snow of winter for ski season, I am sure that we will find ourselves outside on the trails running more. In between mountain biking of course.

Any trail runners out there?

Also, can anyone refer someone to help with my new blog design?

Anyone know how to French cook like Julia or want to learn?



15 responses to “The joys of trail running

  1. I saw you on #runchat yesterday, and I was like, I KNOW HER!

    ….And I am in no way shape or form capable of cooking like Julia, ever.

  2. I love trail running! I always say, as soon as I get this BQ thing out of my system, I want to do mostly trails and trail races.

    I’d love to cook like Julia Child, but I need more time. Right now it’s just not a priority. :^)

    • Yes-I love trail races. They bring a whole different level of competition and start/finish line vibe. You will get that BQ out of your system soon!

  3. congrats on being the featured blogger lady! and i just got into trail running recently since i have been training for tough mudder! i think i am going to continue doing it! do you recommend any particular brand of shoes?

    • Thanks! I just recently started trail running in TrekSta’s and I think they are great. Before that I was running in the trail version of Mizuno, which is my go to brand for road running. Good luck in the Tough Mudder, it’s this weekend isn’t it?

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  5. I love trail running but it is so much harder than road running. I went on a trail run with a friend today while on vacation. She said some wise words, trails=hills. For me that is so true, if you saw how hard things got on those hills for me you’d laugh. I hope someday I’m able to trail run with a bit more easy haha.

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