Don’t stress about missing a training session-it’s the journey not the destination


Yesterday I was feeling great with my training, my body, my weight, and my endurance. Today I was in a fog. Surely, that is a body cue to take a rest day.

Much needed rest and snuggle time with the Ky Ky on the couch

I couldn’t help but feel on top of the world physically yesterday. We went for a 5-6 mile trail run with the dogs. Albeit it was moderately easy, we were breathing heavy, sweat was pouring, and my legs were tired from the 3.5 hours and 28 miles on the mountain bike the day before. I feel like things are falling into place with training-just as the mountain bike season is ending. The drudgery and suffering is over and everything feels dialed in. Each ride, run, and weight session is intoxicating and addictive. My diet is right on-I’m tracking carbs, fats, and calories daily and minus the daily beer or glass of wine, I’m pretty proud. In fact, now I am looking for another half or full marathon for the late fall. Because when one season ends another begins.

Surely it must be cocktail hour

But, today was another story. I woke up groggy, foggy, and slow. With only slight pain in my quads and a race tomorrow night on the horizon, I knew today could only be rest day. I’m ok with that. I appreciate when my body speaks and I commend myself even more when I listen. It goes against my easy workout the day before a race plan, but this is more important. Today would have been day 8 in a row of working out and tomorrow’s race would have seen me on way to tired legs. I spent the day in what felt like slow motion. I made lists to ensure that I really did things and forced myself on my feet. I may have even dosed off for a few minutes this afternoon while reading an engaging and invigorating book on ecological politics-it’s no Hunger Games.

The Journey-or some philosophical caption like that

It’s nice to know that with the 40 in the Fort on the horizon in September that I am well on my way to standing a chance in a race. For once I am not worried about having missed a long ride or important training session. Instead I’m enjoying the ride. Cliche, but isn’t it the journey that I we are suppose to enjoy, not the destination?

Right now, I am loving this journey.

How do you know when a rest day is in order?

Favorite training session so far?

Favorite drink (alcoholic or non) that is a treat for you?



3 responses to “Don’t stress about missing a training session-it’s the journey not the destination

  1. Urgh. Rest days aren’t my issue – I get far too many of them, I’d rather get in a few more workouts!

    But lately I have been enjoying my speed work sessions. I haven’t done them before, and while I’m not incredibly fast, it is a great way to accomplish a good workout in a relatively short time!

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