Seasons of Change-Cooking and Preppin’

I’m not sure about where you live, but here in Wyoming, the seasons have begun to change. Yellow leaves bask at the tops of trees, and the cooler nights warrant more blankets on the bed. This week we are looking at days of 70 degrees and nights of 43 degrees. With such a hot, dry summer, we welcome this weather.

With the change of seasons, comes a bounty to harvest, cook, and stash away for colder days in desperate need of fresh, local, comfort food. For those of you know who know me, hold on to your saddles because I know this may come as a shocker-I have been cooking.

The over flowing garden

I have always enjoyed gardening and each year I challenge myself to not only try growing new things, but to embrace the harvest a bit more. Instead of just grilling zucchini, I have learned how to make zucchini burgers. And the incredible farmer’s market and co-op here in Laramie, I challenge me to do more.

This week (again, hold on to your horses because I kid you not) I have made:


The ingredients-basil (compliments of the farmer’s market), walnuts, parmesan, and garlic

Pesto scooped into an ice cube tray (ala my lovely soul sister’s idea) and then cubes of pesto can easily be popped out and used.


The dry ingredients-oats, flax, pumpkin seeds, sunflowers seeds, and dried mangoes.

The secret ingredient-organic Maine pure maple syrup


Easy peasy Rachel Ray Recipe. I threw in a red pepper too-delish.

Roasted Chiles

Started with 4 boxes of organic local green chiles from the co-op.

Charred them on the grill until the skin of the chile peppers blistered. Then steamed them in containers, and popped the skins off.

The end result-5 bags of roasted chiles to freeze and use to add flavor in just about anything throughout the year.

Zucchini Burgers

I had to experiment with these a bit-but, with two zucchinis a day that I am harvesting, this recipe is a must have. Can’t wait to start freezing them.

Now, I am left with these green and yellow beans. I am gathering about half a pound a day and running out of things to do besides steaming and eating. I am thinking of blanching and freezing or green bean casserole. Any good green bean recipes out there?

Yikes! Seriously-this many green beans every day! What’s a girl to do?

What are you harvesting, canning, cooking, and baking this season? Share and link to your recipes!

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