Tips for being adventurous



As I noted in my last post, I took my mountain bike with me for this trip. Yesterday after working I headed out for a place called “The Bus.” I had heard that these trails were unmarked and not “official,” but I did not realize what I would be in for. The land that these trails are on are called “Land Trust.” Meaning that someone passed and trusted the land into the hands of the state to protect and do with it what they will. So far, the land has been protected, but not developed.

1. Stop into a local shop and ask about the best trails for your ability. This can be fun. Some shops are eager to share directions, maps, and stories. Sometimes you might even get a guide. Yesterday, I did not get a guide, but I did get this sweet hand drawn map.

The hand-drawn map

2. Be aware of where you are. I never thought that I had a keen sense of direction, but put me in a new area by myself at dusk, and I am forced to keep track of where I came from, where I am going, and how to get there. I stopped often and checked the map against where I was. I had to go slower and never got into “the zone.” But, that is the fun of this.

The “old car” as indicated on the map-surely I must be on the right trail.

This boy carries a compass for direction. I’m not sure how that technology works.


3. Be in the moment. Sometimes I ended up on cow paths and not trails. While on the slick rock I was sure to look for cairns to mark the trail. Look for clues along the way. Also, keep your eyes above for bad weather that might be moving in.

The bumpy slick rock-also on the map. And dark rain clouds moving in.

4. Carry necessities before going out. What constituted a necessity? Water, rain coat, first aid kit, and snacks. If you are on a bike-tube, air, and tools. A multi tool like a leatherman is always good as well.

No-I didn’t drink a beer or eat sushi out on the trail. However, that Leatherman has come everywhere with me since I was 16.

5.  Have fun and enjoy the ride. Yesterday’s adventure was liberating. After a day of working hard and being on my game, I got to lose myself on new trails in a new area and explore. I can’t wait to go back now that I actually know the trails.

Looking slick with my sweet helmet hair.

Any great adventure stories?

Do you enjoy exploring new places on your own?

How good is your sense of direction?



10 responses to “Tips for being adventurous

  1. My sense of direction is zero! I often am that person wandering around parking lots looking for my car… But I LOVE that map! That is just awesome. Good for you for just getting out there and enjoying your surroundings!

  2. I love how the map says “Not To Scale”. 🙂 I carry a GPS with me to help me with my bad sense of direction. I also always carry a paper map and compass as well as backups in areas I don’t know very well. That terrain looks like it would be a blast to ride. Have fun and stay safe.

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