Review: Salewa ALP Trainer GTX approach shoe


These trails shoes are not for the faint of heart. Sturdy, durable, and rugged all describe this approach shoe. First, we must begin by answering what is an approach shoe?

Approach shoe: A hybrid trail shoe that combines the characteristics of a hiking shoe with that of a rock climbing shoe.

Of course, when you first look at this shoe that is what you think. Is this a climbing shoe? It has the front features of a climbing shoe. The pointy, dainty front good for getting into crevices and pulling yourself over large boulders. But, all around it has the durability of a hiking shoe. Because I don’t know about you, but I can’t hike in my climbing shoes.

This is a stiff shoe meant for large hikes that bring you to the top of rock scrambles and boulder field. For all you Colorado 14er climbers (those that hike/climb 14,000 ft mountains) out there-think the top of Long’s Peak, Bierstadt, or Mount Princeton.With a petite forefront to these shoes, you will want them on steeper hikes, with trepidous areas to maneuver around.

The Salewa technology boasts:

  • 3F System Evo: The shoes offer freedom of movement, flexibility, ankle support, and precision in fit
  • Climbing lacing:Adjustment to the personal needs is provided by the extended technical lacing towards the front of the shoe. Precision and comfort are key for a good performance of the athlete.
  • A Multifit footbed: You can adjust the footbed to the contours of your own feet

In addition, they use Gore-tex and vibram soles, so you know you are good hands when the inevitable late afternoon rain hits on your hike and you want to keep your feet dry and the soles of the shoes grippy on the slick rocks and roots.

What are the biggest hikes that you have been on?

Most beautiful hike that you have been on?

Do you have a go-to shoe for hiking?



4 responses to “Review: Salewa ALP Trainer GTX approach shoe

  1. I always wear my old running shoes hiking… smart, right? I obviously am not that hard core. But I can’t help but wish they’d make some hot pink hiking shoes. Lol.

    • I used to wear my old running shoes trail running until recently. It only made sense. It is nice to have a grippy sole though and not be sliding around in your running shoes. Plus, you get more ankle support.

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