Training for my next mtn bike race-the plan


Last week I informed you that we were doing the 40 in the Fort as a team. We did our first long ride last week. Although leisurely we were at least trying to get our booties used to being in the saddle for that long. Our endurance has been lacking this season, to say the least.

More time on the saddle

Training plans for a race this close are a little different, at least for me. Now, I am in no ways a coach, but I am coaching myself. We have 7 weeks until the race, with the last week being a taper. Therefor, we have 6 weeks until the race. YIKES! Normally a training plan for me would have 4 weeks of building up, a week of recovery, then 4 more weeks. This training plan has one goal-ride and ride some more!

I’m keeping it weekly and generic. With a busy schedule and traveling, this at least holds me accountable and adds some flexibility. Here’s the breakdown:

Sunday: Rest

Monday: Weight lifting. Easy recovery ride or running

Tuesday: Speed work (race night if there is one) if not hot laps chasing JWail

Wednesday: Easy recovery ride or running

Thursday: Strength class/weight lifting

Friday: Hill repeats-preferably on the bike

Saturday: Long ride-20 miles or 3+ hours

A few items of note here:

1. I am still weight lifting/strength training 2xs/week. I have been doing this since finishing the marathon in May and I am loving the way it has made me feel. Carry on.

2. I have a day of speed work. There are two races left of the series and I will use those. Otherwise I will do what I call “hot laps.” Certain parts of the race, like the start require me to go really fast (uphill). Other parts are flat and require me to go fast. So, we come up with a course, I get about a 1-2 minute head start and go as fast as I can. JWail chases me trying to catch me. We both get speed work in. Win-win.

3. Another day of working on weakness-hills.

4. Two long rides a week-preferably back to back to get use to tired legs.

5. Lastly, I put running in this plan because I may have a half marathon on the radar and still need to be running.

There you have it-the plan. Now, I am off to ride!

How do you develop plans? Do you follow one? Tweak it? Create your own? Or wing and a prayer it like JWail?



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