My first mountain bike video

I thought that I would celebrate the innaguaral long training ride for the upcoming 40 in the Fort with a little video action. We started last summer to take videos of ourselves out on the trail for fun. We did it some more yesterday. What you have here is a montage of a few rides in the Wyoming/Colorado areas.

We did 3 hours in the saddle yesterday and probably about 15-20 miles. We parked at the top of Green Rock on Snowy Range Pass and biked down to Barber Lake, around the lake and up the road to the Corner Rock Trails. Once riding around those trails (where most of the videos were taken), we can back out onto highway 130 and started pedaling up the pass towards our truck. It was at this point that I realized my butt was bobbing way too much for pedaling on asphalt. I looked down and sure enough I saw the shock bobbing up in down in tandem with my butt.

JWail out on the Barber Lake trails

I have had this bike for over 4 years now. I custom built it up from scratch and have put many miles with lots of smiles on it, but unfortunately it is just not suiting my needs any more. It is heavy for the type of racing that I am doing and very cushy in the rear shock area-hence my issue with climbing up roads. However, I am only 5 feet tall and finding an advanced enough bike that will perform the way I would like is always hard. I’ve put off getting a new bike for a few years now, and now I am really finding the need for a new one.

My beloved Ellsworth-probably going up for sale soon.

Heavier bikes, with further travel in the shocks make for incredibly inefficient pedaling. I felt it last summer and this summer again. As you push down in the pedal stroke the bike goes down and as you pull up it comes up-if this makes any sense. Anyway, I was slow again on the asphalt uphill-really slow. Even JWail said something wasn’t right with my pedaling.

We made it to the Lower Laramie Trails and did a loop around there. It has been a while since putting that much time on the bike and I started bonk. I forgot to eat. How is it that I go for long runs and totally prepare and eat accordingly while on the run. But, with bike rides I forget. I ate half a power bar at this time. And a little later before heading up back the pass to the truck.

All smiles. This was before I had to head back up the hill in the driving wind, rain, and thunder.

We finished the loop and came out to highway 130 and started on the uphill climb to the truck. I was miserable. Slow pedaling, lots of bobbing up and down. The headwind started-always a headwind on the way back-the thunder moved in and it started raining. Straight.In.My.Face. I stopped at one point because I was going no where fast and the truck was not in sight. We passed the fishing lake, ski mountain, and still no truck in sight. I mentioned this to JWail (who was being oh so patient with my BTW) and he replied, “ya we have a ways to go.” Finally we made it. Mentally I think I forgot what long rides were like. The go in waves-some really tough hammer sessions and some really fun downhills, twisty, sections. It’s why I do it. The challenge, the fatigue, and the fun.

When do you get miserable during a long workout?

What adventures did you go on this weekend?

8 responses to “My first mountain bike video

  1. I like the video. I was wondering what kind of camera you were using. Was thinking of trying to talk my wife into getting me a HD Pro 2 for Christmas so I could do some video as well. Wish I could take those downhills at the speeds you guys were. Afraid I’m a bit timid on some stuff like that. Don’t want to break any of my 48 year old bones. 🙂 Keep up the great work and stay safe.

    • Actually I just use a hot pink point and shoot. On easy sections of singletrack I will go slower and hold it. Other times we take turns getting shots of each other. A Go Pro would be may more fun and probably catch more of the essence of stuff that we do.

  2. I always get miserable on long workouts when something starts going wrong and the end is nowhere near being “in sight.” Sounds like what you had going on the other day! And I feel like I have said this before but the scenery around you is just awesome!

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