A new race on the radar


Yesterday I discussed how there was no race on my radar and therefore I was focusing on strengthening my weakness in my “off season” training. Well, wouldn’t you know that yesterday a  new race came on my radar. I was offered a registration into the 40 in the Fort Mountain Bike Race. It is a 40 mile race with 8,500 feet of climbing down in Fort Collins.

40 in the fort

I have to be honest in that I knew about this option for a race for about a week now. But, I considered giving away the registration. As much as I love racing and love having a race to train for, this race is a bit out of my league right now.

Originally the race was supposed to be held on July 7th, but due to the High Park Fire, only a mile or so from where the race would take place, they decided to postpone it until September 15th. This allowed for a call for more sponsors and for more people to register as some who had planned on racing on July 7th, now had scheduling conflicts on September 15th.

The technicality, distance, and amount of climbing for this race make it one that you must train for. With less than two months until race day, I can’t see myself doing justice to the race or the field. I offered the registration to JWail, but he felt the same. With our work schedules this summer and priorities elsewhere, the pressure of training for this caliber of race would be too much.

Then I had an idea-what if JWail and I raced this as a team? Each taking a lap of 20 miles, we might be able to do this. We would be not only training for a race together, but also racing it together as a team. He was down. I was down. And so, here I am-training for a new race.

Finishing a 50 mile race last summer just outside Jackson Hole. We sorta trained together and each raced 50 miles.

I asked JWail if he wanted me to come up with a training plan for him. His reply: “my training is riding-a lot.” Boys. Good plan though. However, I am back to yesterday’s post about climbing. This race-as a team-features almost 5,000 feet of climbing per lap. That means I still must incorporate hills into my workouts-a lot.

Mountain bike training plans are difficult. Compared to running plans, which are everywhere for free on the internet, free mountain bike plans don’t exist-that I have found anyway. (If you know of one, please throw it my way). But, I will use my knowledge of previous bike racing mixed with training plans for running and try to come up with something for the next few weeks. Stay tuned for how I put my training plan together!

Have you ever raced on a team with a partner or trained with them? How did it go?

Have you ever felt skeptical about your ability in a race?


6 responses to “A new race on the radar

  1. I rode with my team the Lost Riders in Salmon’s 40 Hours of Disco. The important thing is to get team uniforms and sponsors, preferably from beverage companies. Another tip is if one of your teammates arrives for a practice session and is green from inventing a hideous new cocktail the night before, don’t make her finish the practice session. Good luck!

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