Working on your weakness


This has not been much of a fitness blog lately. I am currently not training for anything. However, that does not mean that I have decided to sit on my couch eating cheetos. I’ve said this before and I will say it again-one of the reasons that I stay in shape is so that if someone calls and says “hey, we are going to summit this mountain tomorrow…” I can reply with “sure.” It also provides a great base for me so that come training for an event I am not starting with scratch.

So, if I am not officially “training” right now, what am I doing? Working on my weakness.

When putting together a training plan for any event, I always consider my weakness.

1. Figure out what your weakness is. Where do people pass you in the race? Where does your pace slow significantly? For me it is hills. I get passed on hills. I walk hills. I loathe climbing. Guess what I am working on right now-climbing.

Getting ready to trail run some hills with JWail. He’s so precious with his tongue and water bottle. It’s a wonder someone doesn’t steal him from me.Thanks Sweetie for taking such nice pictures.

2. Add one day of specifically working on this weakness. I am doing one day of hill repeats a week. Sometimes it is running, but mainly on the bike at this point. When I trained for my last marathon I did one day of hill running repeats. I sprint up the hill then descend down recovering. I do this 5-10 times depending on the length, steepness, and technicality of the hill.

Hill repeats up Coyote Ridge-don’t let the smile fool you, it was a pure sufferfest.

3. Add in one day of weight lifting focus. Becoming a better climber means having strong hamstrings, calves, glutes, and quads. Right now I do lift specific exercises for these areas.

4. Watch your weakness improve and become a strength. I use the summer mountain bike race series to push hard the hills and not let anyone pass me. However, one of these races I would like to see myself pass someone. This is where listing your races on your schedule as “A”, “B”, and “C” proves helpful. “A” are the ones that you want to PR in or place best. “B” and “C” will allow you to work on the skills that you want to improve. The local MTb series is a “C” race for me. I use them strictly to train.

Coming in to the finish at the first local mtb series of the season. Sidenote-I can’t believe the sag on my rear shock in this picture and how low I am sitting. So happy that I fixed this.

So, although I am not specifically training for an event, I am mindful of what I can be working on during this “off season.” It keeps me active, motivated, and off the couch with less cheetos in hand more often.

What’s your weakness? Do you avoid it or work on it?

What do you do to make your weakness stronger?




7 responses to “Working on your weakness

  1. For some reason I first read eating Cheerios and I was like are they that bad to eat? LOL! Cheetos I can see more 🙂 And I am still really bad about tackling my weaknesses, I more tend to pretend they don’t exist until it’s too late… oops! I should be more proactive like you and do something about them! Maybe that will be my goal next year – getting stronger all around! This year might just be survival…

  2. This is a great approach to “off” season! My biggest weakness is starting out too fast (people pass me in races when I start powering down).

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  4. I love the focus of working on your personal weaknesses. I actually had that on my mind this week. I tried a few pushups. Pushups and double unders are things I’m really trying to master!!

  5. I think my weakness is I started 20 years too late. 🙂 I just need to find the fountain of youth at the end of one of the mountain trails. I just want a sip or two.

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