Being a full time Auntie


KBear’s in town! Left without daycare for a few weeks, my family has been pulling shifts where we can in our schedule to help out. It was a great excuse for me to have KBear come and visit for a few days in Wyoming. Let’s just say that I learned a little (ok a lot) about having a 2 year old in your home full time.

1. Whatever you have, they will want. When I am on my computer, she conveniently wants to watch Elmo. When I am eating yogurt, it will become “her yogurt.” I brush my teeth, she brushes her teeth. You must learn to share. This includes food. I don’t like to share food, but I will if it means less screaming.

2.Kiddos need to get tired to sleep. Seems obvious right. Well, playing in the house doesn’t get them tired enough. Bring them to storytime at the park, let them play at the park, and then play on the splash pad. Lunch and a little Elmo time and they are down for the count. No stalling with wanting to be rocked or more water. No throwing everything out of their crib while playing instead of sleeping. They will go right to bed for you.

Hiking in happy jack. I had to explain that hiking is walking on dirt. Otherwise it was full steam ahead into a trip and face plant.


Splash pad at the park

3. Love nap times! Since JWail works from half the day when she went down for a nap-I got my workout in while he kept an ear open for her. I ran one day and headed to the gym another. Much needed. I was a better, well centered Auntie after taking an afternoon workout break.

Please Auntie, just a little bit more Elmo before my nap.

4. Those carts at the grocery store that have the play car in the front really aren’t that cool. I always wanted to bring Kiera to push around and play in them. However,they are huge and cumbersome. It’s the Mack truck of grocery carts. You draw attention to yourself and a 2 year old gets bored in them fast and wants to get out, so you end up pushing an empty buggy Mack truck and looking like even more of a dork.

Hhm..I like that watermelon Auntie, but it’s too heavy to pick up.

5. However, the small carts at the co-op that the kids can push are awesome. She loved it. Loved putting items in her cart, putting them up on the register and putting the cart back where she got it. Little Ms. Independent 2 year old.

6. Speaking of carts-put them in one when they get to a store. Otherwise they will stand in the open aisle and scream because they won’t hold your hand or let themselves be held.

7. I’m not the cool Auntie anymore. Now JWail or as she calls him Joshey is cool. I tell her to eat with a fork and he shows her how to pound her fists on the table chanting, “” (My sister will love that one when I return KBear).

Umm..It’s for you Joshy. They say don’t go to work because I just want to play with you today.

8. Be sure to have an old cell phone on hand. Otherwise your ex from college will be called because you do not go through and delete your contacts on any kind of basis, never mind a regular one. This goes for keys as well. They will push the alarm button on your keys, then hide them. Find some old keys for them to play with.

I have some important phone calls to make this morning, Auntie, before I can go to the park. Awright.

9. Snacks. Bring them everywhere. They save the day.

Snacking at the water park.


Snack break on our hike.

10. Have a snack for yourself at the end of the day when you finally get them off to bed. After dinner, ice cream, a bath, and na-nights to Joshy, Auntie, KyKy, Grizzly, Pig, Moo, and Baby, I felt that my snack of a glass of wine was well deserved. And this is one snack that I won’t have to share!

Any Auntie’s/Uncle’s out there? What do you do to spoil them?

What is your treat at the end of the day for taking care of kids?



7 responses to “Being a full time Auntie

  1. I’m an auntie (godmother) to my best friend’s 3 year old. I had her for 2 days last week and it was so much fun! You are so right about wearing them out before bedtime–we ran around, hiked, chased the kitties and rolled down the hill in the back yard–it works like a charm. I spoil her by giving her chocolate milk instead of plain in the morning. Isn’t being an auntie the best?!?! Sounds like y’all had an awesome time 😀

  2. Those are good rules for moms, too! I can’t tell you how long it took me to learn some of those. You sound like a natural at the auntie thing.

    My kids are going to visit my mom, dad and stepmom and my sis next week. I know they will be spoiled rotten by the time I turn up (they are going early because they are the main attraction, not me :&) ).

  3. Whew!! I had so much fun with my baby sisters, but so happy to be home free again. I’m a totaly spoiler too!!! I’ve been treating myself by not interacting with humans. Lol. They drained the introvert in me. Lol.

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