Working out the kinks

Knots. I’ve got knots. Lots of knots. So many that it made my head hurt. They started in the middle of my spine and worked their way up to my shoulders, snaking around my neck and leaving me with a consistant headache.

The dull ache persisted just enough that I began thinking what it could be from. I thought it might be my time of the month or that I needed more water. I thought that it was the environment that I did my field research in last week-wrought with toxins, surely that was it. But, the headache came and despite my best efforts it never left.

Until JWail laid a hand on my shoulder giving it a gentle squeeze. That’s when I realized the knots and the headaches were a result of the knots.

About every 6 months my body gives me the signals that I have given it enough pounding and pressure. A dull pain-just enough to feel, but not enough to debilitate me-comes about and a trip to the massage therapist or even chiropractor is necessary.

Today it was the massage therapist. The benefits of massage for athletes are incredible. Massage can:

  • Increase Recovery time
  • Reduce pain
  • Allow for relaxation and focus
  • Stretch the Muscles
  • Increases circulation to the muscles
  • Better sleep and rest

The multitude of massage therapists out there today can make it difficult to choose one and the cost can be a hinderance as well.

  • Choose someone by word of mouth, look for a groupon or living social deal, or look on the website. Most massage therapy places offer a first time deal for new clients.
  • To avoid the “fluff and puff” massages that may feel good but do not work your trouble spots, be direct with your therapists. Tell them initially why you are there and where the pain is. A good therapist may ignore a full body massage to work on the trouble areas. They will also give you tips at the end for stretching or preventing future pain.
  • Drink lots of water. Massages release toxins that have been stored in your muscles and flushing out the toxins will prevent a “massage hangover” where you might feel dehydrated, sore, or foggy the next day.

The massage therapist hit upon some knots today that when he hit the spot it triggered a headache. If my body responds with headaches, I can only imagine how long it has needed some body work. And nobody needs that much of an excuse for a relaxing massage.

Who loves getting massages-raise your hand?

What bothers you at massage places or perhaps creeps you out? I hate the small talk. I don’t want to talk. I want to focus and relax.

What part do you usually get worked? I used to have hip issues. Now the issues have moved to my head-in more ways than one.


5 responses to “Working out the kinks

  1. I have so many knots all over too. Up my back and mostly my shoulders/neck. I think I need to get a massage regularly too. My boyfriend (who unfortunately lives far away) is a massage therapist, and specializes in myofacial release, which is a very light touch massage, but with the notion behind it that is the myofacial tissues that cause tensions and every time he has worked on me, I feel much better, but alas, he lives too far from me lol

    • Aw, too bad. I hate giving massages, but love getting them! Yesterday, the MT used light touches on me saying that it loosened up the muscles so that he could go more deeply into the tissue. It worked!

  2. So much truth here! About the only pain-free times I’ve had in recent months are the hours immediately after massages with Kate. She’s the best therapist I’ve ever had for massage–I definitely plan to keep seeing her once a month even when I’m over my back stuff.

Thoughts? Ideas? Questions? I love hearing from you all!

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