Sights of Summer

Blogging seems to take a back seat to summer. I’m ok with that because quite frankly I am having yet another freaking awesome summer! Running and biking with no set training plan (although an announcement of a new race soon to come as details get worked out), playing with my sweet niece, reading multiple books per week (some riveting, some eh), taking naps, and planning parties. Just to catch you up on how I spend my summer soaking in every single day as an adventure, here are a few photos:

Swimming with the Sassy Red Head

Fly fishing with Dad

Bike Washing Party

Gotta wash the trike

Driving to new places in Wyoming

Seriously, summer.couldn’t.get.any.better

Happy swimmingfishinghikingjoggingbikingdrinksippingtravelling!

What are you loving about summer right now?


One response to “Sights of Summer

  1. I miss summer break from school/college so much!! Oh well 🙂 But I love sun (up in the am when I work out) and warm sun during the days the most about summer but I am ok that the temps are no longer 100+ degrees. That was a little TOO extreme for me! Enjoy your summer fun activities!

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