Farmer’s market season

Here in the high plains we tend to run a month behind or ahead of others in terms of season. The first time we cut the lawn a few weeks ago, I was filling up the gas can at the pump and the gentleman next to me said, “You are either cutting the lawn or a friend ran out of gas.” I smiled, replying, “cutting the lawn.” He showed shock as he told me that he had been cutting his lawn for over a month now. He lives in Fort Collins-4,900 feet above sea level-about 3,000 feet below Laramie level.

With a month delay in seasonal growing, usually comes a month delay in the Farmer’s Market. Our normal downtown market starts on July 6th, as it does every year. But, this year, a group of local artists and growers decided to host a new market that starts earlier and ends later. The best news is that it is literally 2 blocks from our house!

JWail and I took a break in our work of reading and writing and strolled on over there.

Suprisingly there was a good amount of vendors-salsa, tamales, vegetables, pastas, BBQ, a kids booth, fruits, jams, local artisan crafts, and a cute lemonade stand on the corner.











We left with quite the bounty.

And JWail was so happy to have his picture taken walking home with our goods.

Any great farmer’s markets in your area?

What is your favorite to pick up there? I’m excited to make beet chips (similar to kale chips) today with the fresh beets we bought.

Any fun plans for the weekend? We are volunteering at a road bike race in the mountains. Should make for a good report on Monday!

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