1st day of summer-Getting chased by Grizzly

Happy Summer. If the warm weather, shorts, flip flops, and long lazy nights outside have not put you in the mood, then you need to play this today:

NPR’S:The Songs of Summer: 1962-2012.

So far, while eating lunch and recovering I have listened to Sir Mix A Lot, The Beach Boys, John Lennon, and “Woop There it Is”. Every song that comes on brings back a nostalgic summer memory. I found myself laughing out loud, dancing, turning up the volume, and of course turning it back down when the likes of “PitBull” came on.

I felt the same nostalgia today as I loaded the dogs and my bike into the truck. Driving to the trailhead with my roof open and the sun beating down, reminded me why I love the summer months so dearly. Fresh pine smell, wildflowers, post ride flip flops, and perhaps a local IPA to top it all off at the end of a ride or the day as a whole. Well deserved indeed.

Today was Grizzly’s first day out on the trails with one of us on our mountain bikes. We’ve been holding off while we work on training him a bit more  so that he doesn’t run off chasing birds, squirrels, or other dogs. Since the dogs are off leash, we want them to come on command when horses, hikers, or rangers come through. He can be a bit of a handful, but lately he has proved himself with the new commands. His reward:chasing me on my bike out on the trails!

I’ve spent the last 6 summers bringing Ky with me while mountain biking. She truly is my best biking buddy (Sorry JWail-your my best human biking buddy). I was grinning ear to ear while flying down the single track with two dogs flanking my periphereal vision as they tried to keep up.

The OG riding partner

It’s always slower on the bikes when Mikaya, or now the dogs, come. We stop for water breaks when stream crossing appear and sometimes they need a breather (an excuse for me as well). But, the company is welcome and the dogs are always so happy, and tired. Win-win in my book.

Grizzly came back with an almost straight “A” report card. He did take off once after some critter. That knocked him down to a “B”. Other than that he stayed in front or behind Ky and I. When he got in the way, I told him move and after a few gently nudges of the bike tire, he learned that “move” meant to get to the side of the trail. He learned “Wait up” fast thanks to Ky. He would stop ahead with Ky and wait for me to catch up. By the time we got back to the truck he was sitting beside it panting, waiting to get in. Even the dog from the truck next to us didn’t temp his tired soul.

Welcome to the trail rider’s club Grizzly! Now it’s time to go dance to Kenny Chesney’s “Summertime” and stave off drinking that IPA for at least a few hours.

How have you celebrated the start of summer?


5 responses to “1st day of summer-Getting chased by Grizzly

  1. You are brave for taking those two with you and be on a bike! I would be so overwhelmed I would probably fall off my bike 🙂 Although you clearly have some bike riding skills that I most definitely lack! So happy it’s summer!

  2. ahhh! i thought you saw a bear!! i was scared!! lol. that’s so cool that you can bike with your dogs. mine can’t keep up with me running so i don’t see that happening. plus he doesn’t come when called from 6 feet away. lol.

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