Smartwool PhD Graduated Compression Sock Review

Call it a fad, but it works. Wearing compression socks as an athlete allows your muscles to recover faster. The simple logic lies in that they constrict blood flow to the area where worn causing your body to pump more blood to those constricted muscles increasing the recovery before, during, and after a strenuous workout.

I remember my first pair of Smartwools. How could I forget them-I still have them. My sister was living in Steamboat Springs, CO-the headquarters of Smartwool. She gifted this very pair to me for Christmas. It was 1998.

Still kicking after 14 years!

Even with a hole, they still work well and I just can’t seem to part with them.

Since then my pile of Smartwool socks has grown. I have lightweight running ones, ski socks, hiking socks, the original, and now the compression socks.

My pile O’ Smartwools


  1.  High Density Impact Zones with WOW technology: Higher density Smartwool Duroyarn in the heel and metatarsal areas for added protection and durability.
  2.  Ultra Light non cushioning:Non cushioning in leg and foot to elminate bulk and improve fit.
  3.  Mesh Zones for maximum ventilation.

Notice the ventilation on the feet.

And who cannot forget why we love the Smartwool technology in the first place:

A. Temperature regulation

B. Moisture Management

C. Odor Control:No moisture buildup, no bacterial growth=no odor

Yes, the compression socks work. Yes, they rock. I’ve been happy with mine since the moment I received them. They are lightweight, non bulky, don’t restrict too much, and the length is perfect as well. Most of the time that I wear them I hardly notice they are on. Not to mention, that sleeping in them is comfortable as well and your legs and feet don’t overheat running in them in higher temperatures. At $39.95 they are affordable as well.

Lastly, being produced in Steamboat Springs, CO, a mere 2 hr drive from my house, makes them local and I am all about supporting local American companies.


4 responses to “Smartwool PhD Graduated Compression Sock Review

  1. I love SmartWool too! Although my collection is much smaller. I also really like EcoSox made out of bamboo and based out of Illinois (local for me and cheaper). I will be headed out to Granby, CO in August for 10 days of hiking and will probably invest in a few more pairs. Which reminds me–done much hiking in RMNP? This is my first trip out there and would love some trail ideas if you have any 🙂

    • I love Granby and the Winter Park area-so much fun and lots to do, especially this time of year. Bluebird Lake is my favorite hike in RMNP. I will have to check out EcoSox-thanks for suggesting!

  2. I love that Smartwools last forever! You forgot to mention though how cute these particular ones look. Kinda reminds me of the old-school knee-high socks from the 70’s. Wow, I just aged myself. But speaking of aging, I do have a birthday coming up that may inspire such a gift…

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