I apologize for my absence of blogging. I have been banished to a room of 600 U.S. Government teachers and professors scoring over 650,000 essays from the AP U.S. Government exam.  Thankfully, Utah has changed their laws and now serve beer over 3.2% alcohol.

Needless to say in between sitting on my behind all day, trying to find faith in the youth of America, and partaking in what teachers do best afterwards-drinking, I have needed to get my heart rate up and sweat in.

Today was a 6 mile run this morning up the canyon and along the Salt Creek. While on my run  I had seen a monument at the top of a mountain or hill in the mountains and someone at the reading had later told me about it. I decided to make the top of this hilly mountain my roommate and I’s mission for the evening.

Mission accomplished! We made it to the top of Ensign Peak. This was the peak that Joseph Smith hiked to with 9 of his followers 2 days after reaching Salt Lake City. They hiked 1,000 feet up to the top to gain a 360 view of the area and a perspective of their new found home. We got the 360 degree perspective ourselves.

By the Utah capital building. We went to the top of the mound.

The Wasatch Mountains

The shimmery sliver in the background is The Great Salt Lake

The Plaque-for us social studies teachers that need to know every history lesson along the way. We’re a fun group.

My roommate “Mama Chase” is pretty bad ass. She is a fabulous Mom and incredible teacher from Michigan who enjoys bootcamp, yoga, and bike rides with her girls. Hiking hills and mountains at altitude is new territory to her and although she didn’t think she would or could make it to the top-not only did she, but she killed it!

At the top-nothing but smiles.

Pretty awesome Mama Chase!

Here she is telling her husband that she just hiked 1,000 feet.

Tonight while getting ready for bed, Mama Chase asked me if it was a hill or mountain that we climbed today. I told her hill or mountain did not matter it was whatever she wanted it to be!

Anything else you should recommend that I do while I am in my last two days in Salt Lake?

What was your first experience like climbing a mountain? 

Stay tuned next week when I return to Wyoming. I have got Mountain bike races coming up, product/gear reviews, and volunteering at a local road race in the mountains. Lots of fun stuff!!


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