Unplugging and hitting the trail

Lately JWail and I found ourselves plugged into our computers for way too many hours. We both work at home the majority of the time researching and writing. Particularly, JWail had a couple of huge deadlines yesterday on top of his part time job and has been working 12+ hours a day. Me-well, I have a large project due soon. Needless to say, both of us were in desperate need of time outdoors with our dogs.

We define our lives by these dirt related mini adventurers. We research and write about environmental, recreational, local event and much of we write and research about we must experience too. It’s a catch22 of sorts at times because we get so caught up in the writing and researching that pays for us to do the outdoor activities we love, but the activities give us the ideas for our writing and research. Anyways, you get the idea.

Griz snuck out of the yard today and pleaded for a long hike by  taking a jaunt around the neighborhood, I’m headed to Salt Lake City tomorrow to sit in an auditorium grading AP US Government exams for the next 8 days, and JWail has definitely written his butt off all week.

To say we all needed some time sauntering around in the woods, sweating, swatting flies, and playing on the trails is an understatement. Sometimes this is all you need to balance your soul.

Well, that and a bike to happy hour at the local brewery for a green chile beer.

Did you ever take any AP classes or exams in high school? I took AP English and AP History. Then I taught AP US and Comparative Governments for 4 years. This is my 3rd year grading the exams. It’s painful, but pays well.

How do you unwind after sitting in front of a computer all day? Lately, I have been taking breaks to work in the garden or walk the dogs. Sometimes I need to do more though. I am struggling with this a bit.


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