Is that a necessity?

As I picked up the house before bed last night, I started thinking about cleanliness. I took my purse off the kitchen table where it tends to get thrown, and placed it in it’s new home of a small corner table in our dining room. My Grandma P. used to do this exact same thing with her purse. She kept a meticulous house. I can remember summer sleepovers at Gram and Gramps and she would be up early with the feather duster sweeping over her collection of singing nuns and photos of us Grandkids.

Creepy? I think so

Some of are scared when we see ourselves as our Mothers. I’m scared that I am becoming my Grandma, but maybe this is a good thing.

I would not say that we are the cleanest house, but I would say that I have seen more cluttered and less clean homes. We try to live minimally-no microwave, no extra throw rugs, no toaster oven. But, we do have our fair share of things that we don’t need or should go through-especially outdoor gear.

Lots of gear packed up in the truck.

Two nights ago I was picking up again, this time it was folding and putting away laundry. For the fourth time this year, I stared at my closet with my hands on my hips and thought to myself “what don’t I wear?” And again, for the 4th time this year, I started a pile of giveaway clothes.

Seriously, who needs that many pairs of jeans? And half don’t fit or have holes.

Some people are doing something about this minor average person hoarding issue.

  • A Year of Buying Nothing.” What this girl does make sense-don’t buy unless it is a necessity, such as gas, food, or a windshield for your car. Or if you are replacing something, like your one travel mug. Seriously, who of us has one travel mug?
  • The 1000 item challenge. Over the summer, try to reuse or recycle 1000 items in your home. Sounds tough, but think about that junk drawer in your kitchen with pens that don’t work or broken elastics.
  • Ask yourself if you have room for it before buying it? Or consciously think about what you have that might be similar before buying.
  • Instead of buying tupperware, tin foil, saran wrap, or baggies, we reuse produce bags and all jars from things like pickles, pasta sauce, ect.

If you need me, I will in my clothes closet, paring down once again, and hopefully not dusting a singing nun collection.

Are you a fairly neat person? why? I go through stages. Right now I am trying to be because I am so frustrated with not being able to find simple things on a regular basis-like my keys. I also try to pick up every night before bed or before I leave the house in the morning.

Any tips for how to separate ourselves from our goods that we think we need?I need help with this-big time. I have separation anxiety with clothes I paid $1 for and have holes in them or I don’t wear any more.

How often do you go through your clothes? Do you give someone first dibs before donating? I try to do it anytime I buy some new items or new season. SoulSista gets first dibs.


7 responses to “Is that a necessity?

  1. Love that I get first dibs on the closet clean out. I cleaned out my closet recently for a clothes swap tonight. Really, it’s a good excuse to get away from the husbands and kids and drink wine with the girls, but I love the idea of swapping old items with other women before sending the remains to Goodwill and Dress for Success!

  2. I usually donate my clothes or put them in a yard sale. It’s hard for me to resist buying new clothes but I try to ask myself if I REALLY need it!! It’s hard tho :-/

  3. Clutter has to be one of my least favorite things in the world… and also something I did NOT get from my mother… she LOVES clutter 🙂 I’ve been trying really hard to not buy any clothes this year because I have plenty even if it’s not that great and so far have been doing ok. I have purchased a few new running things to wear but that was because I really do not have enough good quality gear that does not chafe up like crazy!

    Good for you for trying to clean out the closet a bit! I love having all the extra space when I am done and the extra hangers! I always keep stuff around for a month or two after I sort through it JUST IN CASE I decide I really miss this or that 🙂

  4. I go through phases where I like to get rid of everything I don’t use, clothes I don’t like, etc. It’s fun to have yard sales! My girl friends come over, we chat and socialize with all the shoppers 🙂

  5. Moving has been my best way to get rid of things. I have no patience for packing so out it goes!!! Lol. We had a garage sale before we moved, and gave away anything we couldn’t sell. Kevin and I are sort of minimalists although I do love clothes and shoes.

Thoughts? Ideas? Questions? I love hearing from you all!

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