A great weekend of celebrations!

We decided to head camping last night as a way to celebrate my good fortunes.

1. A few weeks ago I received verbal notification of a large scholarship. I finally received the written (which is the real deal) notification of the scholarship at the end of this week. Who says you can’t make a career out of being a student?

2. I was accepted as a pro ambassador for Mountain Khakis. Mountain Khakis are some of my favorite pants, and they have expanded into skirts, tanks, shirts, ect. Check out their website because their clothing line and their company represent everything that I believe in. As an ambassador I will be promoting the company at various races and community events over the summer and fall and giving away cool items, like gift cards for a free pair of pants (huge, if you look at their prices) and celebrating the mountain, outdoor lifestyle that they and myself embrace! Needless to say, I am stoked!

Of course, we never really need a reason to go camping, but it’s always fun to have something to cheers to around the fire.

We headed up to Happy Jack/Vedauwoo, which is actually really close to our house. But, once you are there, you definitely don’t feel like you are at your house. Instead, you feel at home in the peaceful surroundings.

The bikes are packed and the pups are ready to go.

When we got there, the skies were darkening and we took our time getting to a camp spot as we had a fun light show up in the air to entertain us. I also got to do a bit of gear testing on a new rain coat that Mountain Dad helped me find recently at Cabela’s in Portland.

We missed getting the streak of lightening.

Waiting for the rain to pass-who doesn’t love testing out new gear in the elements?

We have packing up, setting up, and taking down camp to a science. Before we met each other we were seasoned solo campers, now it takes half the time together that it once took solo! Once set up, the skies cleared, and we took turns heading out to mountain bike while one person stayed back with the dogs. We didn’t want to run the dogs ragged by having them bike alongside us. Mikaya has been having some arthritis issues, and Grizzly still has issues staying close to us. JWail took of first as I had grand plans of sitting by the fire and reading some thrilling environmental politics books (why did I not bring a trashy novel) before the sun went down.

Thrilling book.

I may have closed my eyes after this pic for a quick siesta.

He came back early, stating that clouds were moving in and he wanted to make sure that I had time to ride (he’s so sweet). I jumped on my bike and was off, although not fast enough as en route back to camp, the skies opened up again and I was stuck battling the head wind (always a head wind on the way back-never fails) with the rain and some sandy double track. Despite that, it was a fun quick, grueling, little ride.

Once back to camp, it was time to get dry, stay dry, and enjoy some camp food (Annie’s with black bean burgers), and some more beers.  The sun showed itself for one final time of the day, and we yet another light show to entertain us.

By then it was time to hunker down for the night and enjoy the sound of the wind and off and on rain lullabying us to sleep. I love the simplicity of camping. Being unplugged from the everyday routines and technologies of life, and tuning in to the routines of nature. Cheers to summer!

The pups let us know when it was time to go to bed.

Where is your favorite place to camp? Or are you not a camper? The best camping trip we ever went on was to Zion National Park. Ideally, I like any camp spot by a river.

Anyone try to squeeze in the last little bit of the weekend? We have surprise company coming in to town and will be taking them out for a mountain bike ride tonight.

14 responses to “A great weekend of celebrations!

  1. My favorite campsite ever is up at Big Heart Lake in Washington’s Cascades. Lately I’ve been resigned to regional spots–luckily Red River Gorge is only half-a-day’s drive away and Indiana has quite a few good state parks to tide me over until I can get back out west. Congrats on the scholarship!

  2. Congratulations. That’s so exciting. Camping isn’t exactly how I’d choose to celebrate… but I know some people like it. Lol. But really good news! Yay!

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