Fitness Friday

I am taking a lead from this chica’s post and getting dirty with Fitness Friday.

I am 12 days out from a very hot marathon and almost two weeks away from the next mountain bike race. I took a week, almost completely off, except for walking 2-3 miles a day. I had not taken off a week from working out in over a year. Since my foot surgery a year ago February, actually. It was due time. Also, I was visiting family and felt good to get up and enjoy a cup of coffee or have dinner out with everyone rather than having to go out for a run.

Sushi dinner with the Auntie

On to this week. It was back in the saddle. I decided to start Jamie Eason’s LiveFit and work in some much needed strength training. I was also hoping to do a backwards taper of sorts and work myself back up to peak endurance level.

My verdict on Eason’s LiveFit: Meh.

The workouts did not take me more than half and hour an for weight lifting, I found myself barely  sore. I wish they pushed me a bit more. I’m not even sure if I am going to do today’s workout of shoulder and abs. The abs portion only has 2 moves? Really?

I went for a 4 mile run instead this morning. It was…meh. (Do you see a theme here?)

I looked at the following week and it is the same workout as this week.

One work: boring.

But, I decided with a mountain bike race almost two weeks away and me leaving for a week of work in between, it is literally time to get back into the saddle. We are thinking about hitting up the mountains near us this weekend for some camping, biking, and hiking. I think that the dogs need it just as much as we do. I need the excuse to pedal more, pedal harder, and get bad self dirty.

Need some mountain love in my life.

What exciting fitness plans do you have on tap this weekend? Or other plans in general?

Any other fitness programs out there that bored you? Zumba

Any tips for marathon recovery and getting back in the saddle of training for the next race? What races have you done almost back to back? Sometimes I wish that I had a coach to get me through these mucky times of training. I become so wishy washy and indecisive with what I should be doing.


7 responses to “Fitness Friday

  1. The Jillian Micheals workouts bored me too…too much repetition and bouncy around. Oh, and zumba, I am horrible at it which is probably why I hate it!

    Have fun up in the mountains! Even if the working out part doesn’t turn out awesome the views always do!

  2. I am kind of meh about most workouts right now too! I know I need a few weeks break but I feel like I have to stick it out until this marathon I will HOPEFULLY run! I do really, really like Insanity but it’s hard to give that my all and train for a race (sadly). I also used to LOVE Body Pump but now the thought of it just makes me sick a little bit… I need to find something new and fun! Sounds like you do too 🙂

    • Yes, you are so right. Congrats to you for persevering and training for another one. I’m not sure I could have done that if my marathon had been canceled. It is surely mentally challenging.

      • You are so right about that! I just re-read an old post of mine where I was all “when training is done I am really going to miss it” blah, blah, blah! I guess I got my wish 😉

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