Growing Time!

It’s the week of June 1st here. Not to be confused with the first week of June. We may be pushing the envelope a bit planting our garden, but the weather is telling us that it won’t get into the 30’s anymore at night (at least in the next week which will become the first week of June). Also, when I walk the dogs I see plenty of neighbors with their plants in the ground. Thus, I am inspired to get things going outside.

Plan A had us starting our garden inside this year. Spoiler-it was a total bust. Out of everything planted only about 4 pots of plants have taken root. Here’s the carnage:

The high plains and altitude-from what I have read, seen, and heard-makes it tough to start from seed unless you have a properly functioning green house. I was slightly disappointed with out results when our ambitious goal was shattered.Until I talked to my wise mentor, who has plenty of experience living in this area. She simply plants the seeds straight into the ground. I had a renewed hope today after hearing that.

Our bible for growing up here. This gets referenced quite a bit these days.

Plan B: All of these will be planted into the ground.

I had planned on putting beans, peas, and carrots straight into the ground. But, she suggested everything-lettuce, spinach, broccoli, peppers, tomatoes. Or at least doing peppers and tomatoes in pots.

So, we forge ahead with the new plan of planting into the ground straight from seed. We started turning up the soil today and got the tomato plants in the ground with their solar heaters. Tomorrow the seeds will be put in. Cross your fingers, I need a garden to tend this summer.

Tomato plants compliments of my mom are in and solar water heaters are filled.

Do you keep a garden? I love playing around in the garden outside in the summer. Sounds cliche-but it teaches me patience, and perseverance.

What’s the easiest for you to plant? Eggplant, zucchini, and squash have always done awesome for me. Apparently they do not grow well in this climate.

Any tips for planting or growing? I use coffee grounds on my hibiscus and it love me. I know this because it is blooming.

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5 responses to “Growing Time!

  1. I’m surprised to hear you can plant seeds directly in the ground up there with great results. My cucumbers are suffering but hanging in there, and I lost a watermelon already. Everything else is doing well; I even have a baby bell pepper! PS – those solar heaters are COOL!

    • Ya, I was surprised about seeds in the ground too. I guess they are protected while germinating and by the time they pop up the air has warmed more. We learned that those solar heaters are imperative up here last summer. And they do work. We have also seen people put milk jugs filled with water on the soil during the day to warm it up. How exciting that you already have fruit!

  2. Your seedlings look like my seedlings! I made the mistake of trying to start tomatoes on our south-facing window sill, after a month I couldn’t figure out why they weren’t germinating. Turns out that when that Laramie sun goes down our window sill is not so warm and cozy…great tip about coffee grounds!

    • Glad to know we aren’t the only ones. I keep hearing that even with south facing windows and lots of sun, the wind keeps things chilly. I’m hoping the seeds directly in the ground works.

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