Fitness classes-yay or nay?

I finally made it home last night to the cool mountain air. After running a marathon in high heat and spending days sweating uncomfortably in humidity, this is quite the reprieve and a most relaxing way to ease back into life and work.


This morning started with a 6:15 muscle fire class. I decided to go ahead and do the Jamie Eason, LiveFit plan, but like any training plan I use these days, I will tweak it to my needs and level.

Let’s talk about fitness classes for a moment, shall we. They can be incredibly good or incredibly bad-in my opinion anyways. They are a great motivation and when you are unsure what to do, saying “I’ll just go to _____tonight” works wonders for getting your butt out the door. However, many gyms don’t have a prescribed group fitness programs where all classes are similar and you know what to expect. Instead, like my gym, the class depends on the instructor.

I have taken Muscle Fire before and found it very similar to Body Pump. Today, however, the instructor was different than the last class and the class itself was not great. Instead of doing lifting, we ran stairs, sprints, and wall sits. She did everything with us like it was a competition and as a result, she lost track of sets and everything was out of order. She also did not wear a microphone and I could not hear her over the bumpin’ rap tracks. A class like this can be a total waste of your precious time if you are on a schedule. Fortunately, I made the best of it today and decided to not take this Tuesday morning class again.

I figured on doing this class, then doing the LiveFit triceps and chest today. Many of the moves were covered in the class already, so I headed down to the gym afterwards to complete the workout. I also rode the bike for 30 minutes while reading “People.” Another gym motivator-trashy magazines that I wouldn’t usually spend my money on.

Obviously I didn’t read this issue today since it is 2 years old

I still have some residual achilles pain from the marathon. It was tight when I started the race, got worse with the camber of the road, and is the part of my body that has taken the longest to heal. I started doing the sprints during class today, but realized that it still was not healed and sat back doing more wall sits. So, it goes. Be kind, gentle, and patient to your body!

Do you like to know what to expect with fitness classes or do you like when things are mixed up? It’s nice to know what to expect so that you don’t waste your time.

What classes do you like taking? I always get more out of doing a yoga class on my own, and I have always enjoyed some type of weight class too.


3 responses to “Fitness classes-yay or nay?

  1. I don’t go to classes as much anymore, but when I do, my favorites are spinning or some sort of total body conditioning…I completely agree with you that it totally depends on the instructor, and that sometimes classes are really, really bad. I hate leaving a class feeling like I barely got a workout. I’ve never tried any class from the Body Pump series but that’s definitely on my list!!!! 🙂

  2. I’d love to have a garden although I have a feeling Kevin would have a lot more patience for it than I would!! I at least want a basil plant! Lol.

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