A New Start

Did anyone watch the finales of American Idol last week? I did. 3 times. Apparently it is a popular show on the East Coast. Philip Phillips finished with a beautiful song “Home.” It could not have been more fitting for my trip back home. Nothing feels better than home.


Being home was a wonderful recovery from the marathon and a great break from life in general. But, like anything it all must come to the end. The end of marathon training, the end of vacation.


I am now on to new training. I am someone who trains for one event in one area and once over decides to train for something in a different discipline. The marathon is over, and although I will continue to run it is time to switch gears and train for something in a different discipline.

I am currently tossing around two ideas.

1. Jamie Eason’s Live Fit Trainer

2. Stone Temple 8- (an 8 hour mountain bike race here in Wyoming).

What I am thinking is to use Jamie Eason’s training plan to train for the 8 hour race. The reality is that I want to get faster and stronger on the mountain bike race, then I need to weight train more. What I like about the Jamie Eason plan is that she gives you 3 days of rest a week. That is really not an option, so I can use 2 of those to mountain bike and throw in one day of a double workout. 

I am hoping to come out with my new training plan this week and day one will start tomorrow.

Has anyone ever done Jamie Eason’s plan? Or can you link to a review of it?

What are you training for this summer?


Thoughts? Ideas? Questions? I love hearing from you all!

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