Marathon Prep

Today I board a plane for Portland, ME. I am pretty stoked because not only is a marathon waiting for me to run it on the other side, but my Dad will be waiting too. Although, you probably already knew that.

Nothing says Maine like lobsters and Mountain Dad

I’ve been getting myself ready for this marathon. When I think about it, I get butterflys. It has been over 4 years since my last marathon. Although, in between I have trained (not raced) for another marathon, ran five halves, a bunch ov trail races, 8 mountain bike races, and 1 50 mile mountain bike race. I had a stress fracture after the first marathon. Another stress fracture after the Seattle half marathon, and two foot fractures after that. Whew. What a long ride.

You probably already knew all that too.

Anyway, I am tapering.

Here’s what tapering means:

1. The running schedule

Saturday: 10 miles

Sunday: off

Monday: 5.5 miles easy


Wednesday: 5.5 miles easy

Thursday: Maybe 3 miles on the treadmill

Friday: off

Saturday: Miles 8-10 of the marathon course (these are the two biggest hills of the course)

2. The eating schedule:

There is none. I am sitting around, relaxing and eating everything I feel like. I really had wanted to get this free for all under control this training round. I want to keep with the same amount of calories of  my normal diet, but swap out my fiber and proteins for carbs. I guess it isn’t too late to start this.

Speaking of Maine and lobsters, I thought I would be eating lobster salad sandwiches to fuel for the marathon. Wrong. Mom bought lobster tails as a celebratory meal Friday night. The first few miles of the 10 miler hurt-bad. Glad I learned that lesson.

This meal will be saved for after the race.

3. Outfit rehearsal

I tried out the new outfit from the Reebok outlet-it’s a go. The new compression socks-not so much. Too hot to run in. However, they will be worn on the plane today. I do not need any blood clots before the marathon. Speaking of injuries. When I wake up in the middle of the night, I keep thinking that my calves are sore and tight and I freak out. Then I wake up in the morning and they are fine. I am so good at freaking myself out.

Do you freak yourself out before marathons? For the most part I remain pretty cool, but I do get a little weird about fearing new injuries.

Do you like lobsters-aka “the roaches of the sea?” I love lobster. I will do anything for a lobster salad sandwich when I home with Dad.


21 responses to “Marathon Prep

  1. That’s so great that your dad will be there! What fun!

    I ALWAYS freak myself out before a race. Every cough is a potential sign I’m becoming deathly ill, and every little ache is a sign of a career-ending injury ; )

    Good luck!

  2. Freaking out so bad! And now they are worried it’s going to be pretty hot here and are offering marathoners the option to drop to the half…grrrr! I won’t do without being forced it but makes me worry the weather will not be very good and I will have to 😦

    And yes, LOVE lobster! Especially Lobster Salad sandwiches!

    • I know-it’s such a hard decision to make. I wouldn’t know what to do. It’s suppose to be 77 and sunny where my marathon is too and I have been running in 65 the last few days and it is killing me! Mine is in the mountains with lots of shade though, so hopefully it won’t be too bad.

  3. So exciting!!! Gooood luck!!! I’m nervous before a 5k. Lol. Seriously. And I hate lobster. But I’ve never tried it, so I can’t say that right? Really I can’t stand the smell of any seafood so I have tried very little of it.

  4. I love seafood, especially scallops AND lobster when very fresh (doesn’t happen so often in CO).

    Yes, I definitely freak out and get all hypochondriac on myself. I think that’s normal. You will do great in your race.

  5. Agh, definitely wouldn’t eat lobsters before a marathon! In Ireland most of the guesthouses I’ve stayed at only serve meaty breakfasts with eggs and sausages etc, which led to a few awkward moments on the morning of a marathon where I had to politely decline……….

  6. I hope you have a GREAT race!!!! I love lobster. It’s been almost 20 years since I last ran a marathon. Wow…that’s a long time.

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