Five things Friday!

1. This morning was my last run in Wyoming and I felt so strong! I killed all the hills that had once been so difficult to run up. I hit an 8:30 pace no problem. I feel like this is what training is all about. You work your butt off to get to a peak performance point. The point where everything just comes together and it all clicks.This morning was chilly and grey, but such a simple, empowering run.

Love this town!

2. The road to the marathon began 14 weeks ago. However, the physical trip to get there starts today. I’m heading down to Colorado for some Mommy-Sister-Niece time, before flying out to Portland, ME on Wednesday. I won’t see the streets of Laramie for 16 days. I have no idea what to pack for clothes, so I am packing everything and will refine it once I get to my Mom’s. She is way better at helping me pack. I suck.

3. Since I live in a town with only a Walmart and Kmart and no where else to shop, Mom and I are meeting up at the outlets near her house to shop for marathon clothes. I have no idea what the weather is going to be for marathon day and it is killing me!

4. Tomorrow, My Favorite Little Red Head turns two! So, it’s off to Denver for her par-tay! I am really excited about what I got her for her birthday. It is totally Auntie Mountain Kait.(Sounds like a royal name, uh)?

So stinkin’ cute!

5. Mom’s excited because not only do we get to do shopping and happy hour today, but we all get to spend Mother’s Day with her. Love this woman! (and this little girl).

Anyone running races this weekend? 10 miles tomorrow-it’s taper time

What are you doing for your Mom for Mother’s Day? (I need some ideas)

Do you freak out with what to pack when travelling to races? Yup. It could either way with the weather right now. It has been a pattern of two days of rain and one day of sunshine. I’m so confused!


7 responses to “Five things Friday!

  1. Im getting my mom a massage gift certificate from a deal website. She loves being pampered and I think she oddly feels better knowing it was a deal.

  2. Race clothing is so tricky!! Glad you get to go shopping with your mom. That’s the best. I love shopping with my mom. I get to see her next weekend. We’re surprising them!! I hope she doesn’t read your blog comments. Seems unlikely. Lol. Love the Auntie Mountain Kait name.. could be a book or tv series or something! 🙂

  3. Is your marathon this coming weekend? I thought I missed it. Notifications come in late with the blog updates. Grrr… I need to get a new sports bra. I got my race outfit at Sports Authority. Did a test try on the 20-mile run and that sports bra was painful on my shoulders…. I’m so behind though — I haven’t had a chance to go to the running store since I’ve been ill. I need to get better STAT.

    Good luck on your race!!!!

    • Thanks. It’s this coming Sunday. I hit up the Reebok outlet and tested everything on a 10 mile run-perfect! Reebok always fits me well. I also like the C9 sports bras from Target. Sorry about your updates, I will see if I can do anything on my end.

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