Attitude is everything

Tonight was the Wednesday night short track mountain bike race. I went into it with a bad attitude. Can you see where this post might be going?

I have been under pressure from various areas in my life and as we rode our warm up to the race, I vented to JWail about everything. We got there with enough time for one lap of the course. Same as last week, but the opposite direction.

Here I am warming up-trying to get into a positive groove.

Almost immediately after JWail got his necessary photo ops the race was off. The start, for me, was terrible. We were suppose to have the men go first and then the women. So, I lined up at the back to let the men go first. Well, guess what-we all went at once. That means I missed the “hole shot”. If you know short course (in running, cycling, or perhaps other sports), it is imperative to get the hole shot at the front. If you don’t, then you spend the whole race trying to catch up as you get slowed down trying to pass slower racers in front of you. If you get a hole shot, then all you have to do is settle in, push hard, and hammer out to hold your position for the rest of the 30 minutes.

Oh ya, so complaint #2-this race wasn’t 30 minutes. At the 25 minute mark, I was told that I had 4 laps left. 4! I should have had one. This was tough physically and mentally. With short track you hammer for as hard as you can while your body suffers miserably for 30 minutes (or there abouts). When they say “go” you go as hard as you can-no recovery-no rest. But, when the race is longer than that you need to plan a little more accordingly. I obviously hadn’t. I went all out, then fizzled.

I had two girls in sight. No scratch that- in arms reach for 4 laps. Then I lost them. I also lost myself mentally. I was/am frustrated because I could have placed better. But, my attitude was and still is bad.

My stats are not bad (I wouldn’t say good either):

My stats:

  • 5th out of 7 (not last)
  • Avg heartrate-175bpm
  • Total time: 49 minutes
  • Total miles: 9.75

I am exhausted both physically and mentally tonight after that race. I can’t always say that about my workouts.  I gave it a strong push and kicked it hard at the end. I guess I am just not happy with my placement.

The weird part about this is that I am never 1st or 2nd place. I am always middle of the pack and I have accepted that. I am constantly commended for my positive outlook on life and I wish I had looked at this race a little more positively from the beginning. From the time I left the house and did my warm-up with JWail, I should have breathed in the gratitude. The fact that this is how I spend my Wednesday evening-mountain bike racing in the mountains of Wyoming in the grace of good company.

Suffering on my last lap. But, more seriously. This picture captures what it is all about. The gratitude for being able to do this usurps all else.

Ever had a bad attitude in a race? How did you fix it?

Ever have a mantra to get you to the finish? What is it? In the last lap, I kept telling myself “pain is temporary, pride is forever.” And “You’ve got this, Kait, leave it all out on the course.” The I took a corner and saw the girl behind me-“don’t let her catch you, finish strong, throw the hammer down.” Tonight I had to use my whole bag of mantras.


Thoughts? Ideas? Questions? I love hearing from you all!

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