Happy trails

My legs were sore from yesterday’s 12 miles up the canyon. The canyon is definitely hilly on the way up. It’s a canyon, so water had to flow down it at some geological point in time in order to create it. However, the turnaround “down it” is hilly too, with 40 mph winds. Always a headwind on the way home-never fails. It was not an easy run and my legs reminded me of that today.

But, as a sat this morning and perused the fitness boards of pinterest, I became motivated to run and “find my strong.” Pinterest can do that to me. One minute I am waking up and enjoying my coffee, the next minute I am incredibly motivated to forge ahead with a new task.

Today that task was trail running. I put on my compression socks because clearly just by putting on my compression socks will legs will magically feel better.

Running back to catch up with the fam to keep a slower pace.

We got out there and I did 2 miles of out and backs on some hills, while JWail walked at his own leisurely pace with the dogs. I am two weeks away from my marathon and into taper mode. I have this intense fear that I will forget how to run. Instead I try to charge it every chance I get with hopes that my muscle memory will not lapse.

Today was not that day of charging ahead. Legs were tired and sore. Yes. I am two weeks away from a marathon. Yes. More importantly, JWail wanted to take his time today and whimsically explore the new canyon he had discovered and stop to take pictures. Unfortunately I had a project to work on and couldn’t be out there long. He on the other hand could have stayed out all day just moseying along.

Taking it slower and walking with the dogs.

Regardless, I slowed down. For the sake of my physical sanity pre marathon. For the sake of our family time together. I thought about my research, the butterflies on flowers, and how incredibly lucky I am. Sometimes we don’t have to be working up a sweat to “find our strong” or some other pinterest fitness board cliche. Sometimes it is worth it to slow down and find whatever it is we need for that moment.

JWail stopping to give the dogs some water. Mikaya went to town. This is something new to Griz that he doesn’t quite get yet-drinking from the water bowl on the trail.

Anyone else feel like they have to “sweat it out” all the time or “go fast or go home?”

Any favorite views where you live?

Does pinterest get you overly motivated to exercise or create some crazy home project?


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