The smell of sunscreen

Don’t you love the smell of sunscreen. The smell lets me know that something fun is about to happen. Because you only put on sunscreen when you are going outside to do fun things!

Like hanging out with this Chica at the beach-which I will be doing in two weeks

Like hanging out with this Chica at the beach-which I will be doing in two weeks

Or laying by the lake in Maine and reading scandalous books-which I will be doing in two weeks.

Today I need a “me” day. School has ended. Classes are over. Final papers have been turned in. But, I don’t feel it. Probably because my research is continuing into the summer and in preparation for it, I have a lot of proposals to submit to get it up and running. In the doing so, it has been a circus of trying to get things done. I am frazzled and stressed.



If you need me (which you won’t, but humor me),

  • I will be running up the canyon for 13 miles in 75 degree weather (Did I tell you I am running a marathon in t-minue two weeks?)
  • I will be browsing the racks of my local thrift store with a coffee in hand
  • I will be leisurely grocery shopping (with coupons)
  • I will be reading (a non political book) on the couch (in between petting Grizzly, while stay lying on the couch).
  • I will be napping
  • I will be drinking wine and eating a home cooked meal outside while gazing at the largest moon of the year.

Happy Saturday!

What do you do when you need “me” time?

Are you an arguer or a people pleaser?


2 responses to “The smell of sunscreen

  1. That sounds like a great Saturday! I just took a 2-hour nap–thank you husband!–which goes a long way for me for making a day good. A good run would be nice too, but beggars can’t be choosers. Congrats on finishing classes.

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