Mountain bike series-Solo chick edition

J-Wail and I debated all day as we watched the clouds moving in, the rain then the sun, the rain then the sun. Tonight was the first of the Laramie mountain bike race series. The next three weeks are short track races and then in June they have full on mountain bike races during the week. It’s a good deal-$5 bucks, locals, and beers after. It gives a whole new meaning to blood, sweat, and beers.

But, with the weather being cold and off and on rainy, we just weren’t too sure. By the time it came to leave the sun was partially out so our inner athletes knew we had to go.

Stalling in the gear room while pumping up my tires and looking not so cute.

We had a great 2.5 mile warm up biking from home to the eastern foothills for the start of the race. We paid our entry fees and took a couple of warm up laps to check out the course.

Warming up for the race. Looking to see if there are any other woman and feeling a bit cuter.

Then we waited. The clouds grew darker, the wind picked up, and down came the hail-hard. It hurt. I put my coat on and stood with my back to the wind letting it pelt off of me. We stood in the rain, hovering for about 20 minutes while they postponed the race.

Notice the little kiddo-he raced by himself. The kids races are always adorable and he rocked it!

Finally, the clouds broke for a bit and we lined up, shivering to race. The announcer came over and asked how many girls were racing. I raised my hand. No one else did. I was the only woman racing in a sea of men in the middle of the rain, hail, lightning, and thunder! I’m not going to lie-I felt a little bad ass.

For those of you who don’t know-short track is the spectator sport of mountain bike racing. You do as many laps as you can in 30 minutes. The course has tight turns and short steep hills mixed with flats and is just a basic loop where you can see the racers at all times. It is a true suffer fest. Your heart rate is redlined for 30 minutes straight (tonight it was 45 minutes because of the weather wait we went longer to make it more worth our while-my heart rate never went below 185 bpm).

I’d like to think that I hung with the big boys pretty well. I did just as many laps as them and only one guy passed me. But, he passed JWail too and JWail is fast, so I didn’t feel too bad about that.

We finished and I didn’t even get off my bike, we just high tailed it home. The stormy weather had settled in and it was down pouring with lightening.

By the time we made it home, hot showers and hot food were in order. We have learned with these week night races that dinner must be prepped ahead of time because we come home way to tired and hungry to think about it. This afternoon I stuffed peppers with quinoa and black beans and put them in the crock pot. Delish!

Great way to finish off a great race night!

Do you do any week night races-running or otherwise?

What’s an easy go-to meal for the end of a long day when you come home hungry?

7 responses to “Mountain bike series-Solo chick edition

  1. Wow!! That’s so cool. I’ve never heard of that type of race. That’d be really fun to watch, actually. I can’t believe you were the only girl. Way to rock it!!! I’m with you on wanting to know some easy meals. I feel like we keep getting home later & later. Help us!! Lol.

    • Crock pot. It’s so easy and when you come you feel like you don’t suck so bad at life because the house smells so good and food is ready to go.

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