Slow Muscle Recovery

Once I got over the crying sesh from this last long run, I realized that not only was I mentally drained, but physically as well. All around I was trashed. The day after my long run was JWail’s birthday and he requested that we go mountain biking. Surely I couldn’t do a 20 mile run and then blow off a workout on his birthday. Also, I like getting a workout in the day after a long run. Usually it works out the soreness in my legs.


Definitely not this time.

I dragged ass on the birthday ride. My apologies JWail.

Then I took two full days off. Minus walking the dogs. I knew walking the dogs on Sunday that things were not good in the legs. I could feel the soreness walking up hill and down. JWail even asked why I was walking so funny. I was smart and took not one day off, but two.

Today I headed out for 7. I did it. However, the quads and hips were incredibly sore and tight. The type of pain where it hurts to sit down. It’s deep in my muscles and torn fibers are screaming at me.

Needless to say, I will be having a steady date with the foam roller these next few days and it is back to yoga tomorrow morning.

The "it hurts so bad yet so good" foam rolling after this morning's run.

I’m ok, that this recovery is a bit slower. It means that I actually pushed myself. I probably could have stretched more, eaten better, and taken an ice bath right after the long run. There are always things that we could have done more of or better, but sometimes our bodies are also speaking to us and we need stop, for however long, and listen.

Anyone else feeling the pain lately?

Do you push through it?


11 responses to “Slow Muscle Recovery

  1. I recover quite a bit like you. I’m not really an ice bather. I’m always excited when I read an article that it might not be THAT great. Lol. I want to get into compression though. That seems painless and possibly cute. Haha.

    • I do enjoy the ice baths for anything over 12 miles as I feel that they speed up recovery or at least cool down the muscles. I have some compression shorts that I have been wearing and I just got socks in the mail yesterday that so far feel good!

  2. Yoga is kind of always the answer, right? Love it. I never push through the pain, because I need to be able to go on stage! It’s never worth it for me to not be able to give my all in a performance. Which I guess is how I should look at my workouts between jobs…hm.

  3. It sounds like you are being smart to me. I’m a loyal foam roller…and if I ever get over this injury and am allowed to do it, I plan to be a loyal yoga and perhaps Pilates practitioner too.

  4. I get random hip pain from time to time even though I’ve worked on strengthening and stretching them. When that happens I commit myself to an ice bath a day until they feel better (they usually do after 2-3 days of ice baths). And actually heat works wonders for sore muscles too, as long as they’re not due to an injury/inflammation. Sitting in the hot tub (and then later taking an ice bath) really helps my hips. Feel better!!! You already got the miles in so your body is just getting even stronger 🙂

  5. Listening to your body and taking an extra day when needed is key. In fact, I think pushing and taking an extra day off is better than doing easy runs three days in a row. I love that sore feeling and knowing I worked hard : )

  6. In regards to pushing through the pain, I think it’s fine if you’re up for it and it’s not a pathologic/injury pain. I think good options for after a hard workout is a slow, recovery run, a bike ride, yoga, or just resting if your body needs it!

  7. Did you get enough protein and fluids after your long run? it used to take me a while to recover from hard/long workouts, but now I’m refueling better and can definitely notice. also foam roll & ice & hot tub if you can 🙂
    I hope you are feeling much better today!!

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