The long run with an emotional finish

The long run morning started out like any other. It was my last one of this training cycle and I was motivated to get it done. I packed my nutrition in J-Wail‘s backpack and started out on the scheduled road.

The goods. No I did not take it all. I had 2 gus and half a bag of chomps. But, just in case. Jwail likes a snack too.

Pre run breakfast-UDIs gluten free bread, homemade blackberry jam from dad, and of course a banana and coffee.

We made it about 4 miles when we realized that not only was the morning traffic a bit heavy (in Wyoming terms), but also that there was major construction on our scheduled route. So, I looked to JWail and asked if the Garmin was working. (I made him carry it again so that I wouldn’t agonize about my pace). He gave the affirmative nod and I asked if he wanted to explore the trails East of town into the foothills. We don’t know anything about them, but we headed that way.

My Sherpa- I know he is excited that these long runs are over for a bit.

5 miles and 1,000 feet later we made it to the top and I felt awesome. I was stoked to have taken a different running path, got to trail run, and was still going to get my 20 miles in. Not only that, but we had discovered how to get to our favorite mountain bike trails from town, without having to get on the interstate.

I actually wanted to do 22, but I consider the uphill of this much harder than running on the road. We made it back down into town and JWail told me-this is it, you need push hard and finish strong the last 5 miles. Despite the roaring headwind (always a head wind on the way home-never fails) I pushed hard and finished strong. I felt as if I could have done more miles. I wasn’t sore, tired, my head was a bit exhausted, but I felt good. (Ya, the DOMS-Delayed Onset Muscle Soreness-would tell me otherwise for the next 2 days).

Snow towards the top. But, the greens smelled so fresh.

Stopping for a gu and looking back into town to see how far we came.

Running back downhill.

Where we went-the top of that "hill."

Then it hit me. It was a tidal wave out of no where. I went from loving our adventure, savoring my strong run, to reading emails while stretching and suddenly balling. I couldn’t hold it in. I cried large, audible sobs. My body shook and all the stress I had been holding in came out. It was a  tough next few hours. Even through a shower and errands, I had to choke it all back. That run took something out of me. Something that I hadn’t had before, except when I finished my first marathon. I was stronger than my strong on this run, but emotionally I was not as strong as I thought. I had broken my own wall down.

Anyone else experience emotions after long or tough workouts?


15 responses to “The long run with an emotional finish

  1. That’s so crazy! I hope you felt better soon? I’m emotional all the time, can’t say a non-race has ever put me there, but I did get choked up at my first finish line. This run is going to be such great mental fuel for your marathon, though!

  2. I cry all the time after long runs! After my 18 miler last week, I cried when watching Star Wars because of all the killing. Seriously. lol. 🙂 And finish lines- well, that’s a given. In marathons, I always start getting choked up around mile 20- ESPECIALLY when I see those cute toddlers holding homemade signs that say “Run, Mommy!” or when I see proud parents with matching shirts saying, “Team Dan” or other equally sweet endurance sport things like that. 🙂

  3. WOW, you persevered and had a positive attitude. Oh, AND you got your run in. As for the emotions? They make sense. I like to think of endurance sports as a way to cleanse the body and that includes the bottled up emotional and physical toxins (is this getting way to cheesy yet???). I’ve never had a breakdown that I could clearly attribute to a long run, other than the few that I couldn’t finish because I got hurt, but I can tell sometimes I get cranky and that is just my body working through the emotions after completing.

    Reward yourself for a fantastic job! 🙂

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  5. Totally normal! I think its good to cry, I think we surprise ourselves when we push our bodies to do something we never dreamed we could do, it IS emotional, but a good kind of emotional. Just wait until you finish your first marathon! Not only did I cry 3 times while running my marathon last march, but honestly I still get emotional when I talk about my experience that day and it has been over a year! lol

  6. i cried after my first marathon . huge sobs just came from nowhere. partly from exhaustion maybe? partly from all the emotions , I had been afraid I was not going to finish the race. I was mortified to be sobbing in front of everyone. I always cry at the end of races but usually cry tear of joy

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