Kombucha Confession

I purchased a little present for JWail and I while at the grocery store before class today. I took it to class with me, and guess what I got? No, not an “A” on my test or “free pass” out of my final. I got a buzz! Like I went to the bar on an empty stomach and drank two sips of wine buzz. This is not the first time that this has happened while drinking Kombucha. And, I might be a lightweight when it comes to Friday nights out, however I sip a glass of wine, or in the case of after class tonight drink a glass of beer a few nights a week. In other words, in terms of getting a buzz it is surely not my first rodeo.

So, why kombucha?

I realize that there is alcohol in the bottle due to fermentation:

But enough to make me feel interested in about the policy of the Laramie Water Conservation District (that was today’s guest speaker)? After a long day of research in the archives, I am usually toast for this class. Today I was flying high-for like 10 minutes-but still.

A few years back, Whole Foods tried to pull Kombucha from the shelves in 2010 for this very reason.

June 17, 2010″Whole Foods is pulling all unpasteurized kombucha beverages from its shelves, including market leader GTs Kombucha, according to a report in Beverage Business Insights.

According to BBI, the reason for this withdrawal is a long-simmering set of concerns about alcohol in kombucha, a product that is produced by fermented tea.” (Source)

At the time, some said that certain brands had 4-5% alcohol-that’s as much as some beers! I remember first drinking Kombucha back in 2004 when I had first moved to Colorado. It was not the same as today’s on the shelf. It was far more bitter and very difficult to swallow. But, someone had advised me of the health benefits and I thought “surely this is worth the bad taste.” It would literally take me 3 days to drink one bottle.

Today I drank one bottle in the first 15 minutes of class. Perhaps that explains my buzz? Oh well, it was a cheap and healthy buzz-I’ll take it.

  • Do you love kombucha? Any particular flavors or brands? When I first tried it there were no flavors, now the flavors really help in the taste. We bought the chia once and couldn’t do it. I think the green and ginger are the best now.
  • How do you feel about the alcohol debate with Kombucha? Do you get a buzz? I think I made this clear.
  • Any new information to share about the health benefits or lack of from this?

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9 responses to “Kombucha Confession

  1. I also get something like a buzz when I drink it on an empty stomach. It feels different tnan an alcohol buzz to me, since I feel more alert and focused, but grounded and calm. I also don’t feel bad after the little buzz like I would if it was alcohol causing it. It might be the active probiotics.

  2. I relate to your experience and to Sue’s above. I don’t drink alcohol often, in part because whatever buzz people get from beer, wine, liquor, etc., it just makes me feel drowsy and dull. With kombucha, particularly the Synergy brand, I definitely feel a buzz, but it’s like my brain cells wake up and I’m on a more even keel rather than less so. So I think the buzz is partly the alcohol, but the alcohol isn’t all of it because people respond so differently (and positively) to kombucha versus traditional alcoholic drinks.

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