5 Things Friday!

1. How cute are these two? This week Griz chewed one of JWail’s slippers and his leash, therefore he is now on a short leash (pun intended). Also, a little bit on my sh%$ list. But, then I catch the two of them spooning and I am so grateful that we adopted Griz because now Mikaya is not alone.

My loves!


2. Super stoked about my grocery bill this week. Remember clean and green shopping on a budget? Well, today was the biggest savings day yet.

Look how long that receipt is! I am obviously very excited about this endeavor. The lady behind me in line however, was not so excited.

Here's a sample of some of the things we got. A lot was on sale, plus BOGO, plus a coupon. That Barbara's cereal was a dented box on clearance for $1. The morningstar was on sale for 2.99, BOGO, and I had a $1.00 off coupon. We got 2 packages for 100 cents each (regular $4.99).

Here's how much I saved-$37 on $80. We have enough food for 2 people for 1 week eating 3 meals a day plus two snacks for less than $50. All organic, all natural, no preservatives, no additives. I'd have to say I am proud.

3. Snow is in the air. The good news: We decided to go skiing on Sunday. I am in definite need of some back country adventures in the mountains.

Do I look freezing? I am. The wind was about 40-50 mph.

4. Snow is in the air. The bad news: In preparation of snow, the wind has kicked up and the air has gotten cold. That means I have to get up at 5 tomorrow to ensure that I will be able to get some semblance of a long run in. I am suppose to do 20, if I can’t because of the weather, then I am ok with that. I have 5 weeks to get in another 20+ and to be honest I would rather do it 3-4 weeks out from the marathon as opposed to 5.

5. If you have not signed up for my awesome giveaway, then please do! It is my first one and I would love to not only have lots of entries, but for 11s Wear to get some love (in the form of likes) on facebook! They are a small company that takes pride in producing locally made merchandise using quality materials like organic cotton in their shirts. You can’t lose by trying! (or something like that).

Ok, no  more playing around getting off on grocery shopping or writing blog posts. It is time to get down to business with an application for The Institutional Review Board (yawn).

Any one else clip coupons? Any money saving tips?
Check out coupons.com to start. They have a lot of healthy foods mixed in with not so healthy foods. Only use your coupon when the item is on sale at the store. Also, check out the clearance section of your store first.

Do you have dogs? Do they chew things?Mikaya doesn’t chew anymore. But, 8 years ago she did. Griz is a whole ‘nother puppy story.

What chore do you love the most? Hate the most? I loved grocery shopping before. I always found it so relaxing and meditative. Now I find it even more exhilarating.


7 responses to “5 Things Friday!

  1. Boyd chewed on my favorite heels the first day I got them. Luckily not in a noticeable spot, but I was still furious. My least favorite chore is organizing a closet. Yuck. So not an organizer. I don’t mind dishes or any sort of kitchen chores. I sooo do not want to see snow again this year!!

  2. I am so grateful that my dog has only chewed on one pair of shoes. He was definitely on my shit list for a few days, but if that’s the worst that happens, I’m ok with that!

    • I’m glad that he only chewed one pair. I am so careful about putting my shoes away now that we have him. I don’t think I could handle him chewing my new running shoes or the clogs that I wear almost everyday.

  3. Just found your blog 🙂 I just wrote on my blog today about how much I now love to grocery shop! Also I love coupons- they really are worth it in the end. And my one dog chewed everything and anything, and my other could care less about chewing and more about digging! haha

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