What I ate Wednesday-Inaugural Post

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I’ve learned a lot reading posts from others on What I Ate Wednesday-hosted by Peas and Crayons. I decided that it was time to share a typical day in my diet. Although, I feel that today I was bit derailed from the typical.

Luna bar on my morning bike ride

I usually eat a “real” breakfast after my morning workouts. Today I was dreaming up eggs, spinach, and goat cheese. But, I was pressed for time between getting back from my ride, showering, dropping off my truck at the mechanic, and getting to work.

I paid for it later. Because I brought this delicious and nutritious lunch:

Salmon, rice, and salad with lemon and olive oil dressing.

I would like to say that this is what I ate for lunch. But, I forgot that I had a meeting and they provided lunch. Instead, my rumbling over hungry tummy from not eating a substantial breakfast had this:

Yup, I don’t even really like JJ’s. They use white bread and mayonaise on their veggie sandwhiches-barf. But, it was free and I felt obligated (also, I don’t pass up free food-ever). I also felt obligated to eat a bag of their salt and vinegar chips and their oatmeal cookie. I figured being the poor graduate student that I am that if I had the free lunch today, I could just save my great lunch for tomorrow.

Wrong. I ate the rice and salad three hours later. Along with this apple.

At least I have a piece of salmon to put over greens for tomorrow’s lunch. Still a win-win situation in my book. Lunch today and tomorrow!


12 responses to “What I ate Wednesday-Inaugural Post

  1. The lemon zest Luna is my favorite, followed closely by the new chocolate coconut one. I loooove Jimmy Johns! It’s the only time I ever get to eat white bread and I don’t get it often because there’s not one in my town. Of course, I might poo-poo on their bread too if I lived with a baker bf 😉

    • I’m not poo-pooing, I secretly liked it. Like you said, it’s something I don’t always get, but I try to stay away from white bread, you know.

  2. haha i recently was served jimmy johns at a free lunch at school. i ate it too, but wasn’t impressed. when i go myself i get the beach club on wheat. that is actually really good! but still not like anything i would ever make myself. happy wiaw!

  3. Hey Kaitlyn, cute post! If I win a pair of 11’s Wear sunglasses i would please like Medium Wrap Sunglasses. Thanks, Nicola

    • Hey Nicola! Thanks for visiting. If you want to enter the giveaway, I would encourage you to scroll down a couple of posts to the “giveaway one” or follow the link at the top of this post and leave your comment there. Sorry for the technicalities. Thanks again for stopping by.

  4. I’m addicted to Luna Bars (the chocolate covered coconut ones especially). They’re like glorified candy bars and anytime I can justify eating candy for a meal I’m down 🙂

    Also, I don’t mind JJ’s…if it’s 3am in the morning after the bar, lol (it’s one of my late night food go-tos because not much is open late night in Cville)

  5. Ahh… I love seeing what people eat. 🙂 They order Jimmy John’s in my office all the time. I’ve only eaten it once. I’m not a big fan, but I like the chips!!!

  6. I was wondering why I wasn’t getting email updates that you posted something and I think I clicked the wrong “following” button. Hmm… let’s see if it works the next time you post.

    Food looks yummy! Do you usually pack your lunch? I used to religiously pack my lunch. Then the baby came and I still haven’t figured out to fit in “make and bring lunch to work”. I do bring my breakfast. The one perk about my job is that the attorneys buy lunch almost every day for us. ;o)

    • Haha…following can be tricky. I make mine at night as part of the routine of cleaning up dishes. I hardly every buy lunch. Lucky that the attorneys buy you lunch!

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