Morning bike rides-(and don’t forget the sunglasses giveaway)

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**It’s that simple and the sunglasses are super fun! Just in time for summer**

Usually Wednesdays are reserved for morning yoga, but I have been such a good girl about practicing at home along with foam rolling that I was ready for cross training. And the weather has been so nice, that nothing feels better than a morning road bike ride up the canyon on a sunny Wednesday morning!

It was a peaceful and calm 25 miles. Except for the headwind on the way back. Never fails, there is always a headwind on the way back. you think you are heading into the wind going up hill, but no, the wind is all up in your face going downhill.

I’ll be back later for What I Ate Wednesday

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Are you a morning person? I love getting up early and getting a good start to the day

Do you like working out better in the morning or the night? Love morning workouts, then I can veg at night when I get home.


7 responses to “Morning bike rides-(and don’t forget the sunglasses giveaway)

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  2. Looks so so beautiful! I’d better more likely to get out there on my bike if I could have that scenery 🙂

    I am definitely not a morning person and usually prefer to do all my workouts in the evening. During the summer I will force myself up for early morning runs before it gets hella hot here in central VA

  3. Hi Kaitlin, cute post! If I win a pair of 11’s sunglasses I would please like the Medium Wrap Sunglasses. I’ll keep reading not posts!

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