Reaching your limits

When I first came into this round of marathon training, I was only one year out from a broken foot. A foot that I had broken, not once, not twice, but three times. And not only had I had one surgery, but I had three surgeries. Right now a titanium screw holds the entire right side of my right foot together.

Running multiple days in a row has not been an option for this training cycle-up until now. As my strength and endurance has increased, I have wanted (notice the use of the word “want” as oppose to “need”) to up the anti with my training. I did just that last week.

  • Thursday morning I ran an easy 5 miles to clear my head and collect my thoughts before a big meeting. I used to do this more regularly when teaching because I could plan out my day and my lesson plans and organize my thoughts. Grad school has made me a bit lazy. Now I enjoy waking up early, drinking coffee, and saturating in the noiseless matter of research.
  • Friday I attempted 10 miles, but unfortunately I kept getting delayed leaving the house. The problem with Wyoming this time of year, is that you wake up and the temperature is 20 degrees. By the time the sun gets higher, the air gets warmer, and the wind starts howling. 50-60 mph howling. That is what I got caught in. I was suppose to do 10 at mgp, but I did 7 at 45 seconds faster than mpg when I realized I wasn’t having fun in that head wind (in fact I couldn’t hear myself think never mind keep trudging along) and headed home. Still a hard, fast, tempo run.
  • Satuday-15 miles at 20 sec faster than mgp. Done and Done.

My legs were tired, undoubtedly, but my ankle and tendons in the foot with the hardware were bruised and swollen. A lot.  I now require two days in a row off to allow the swelling to decrease in the foot and my body to recover.My limits have been met.

Stay tuned for my first giveaway tomorrow!

  • What weather do you hate running in the most? Wind, wind, and more wind. I live in the wrong place then because it gets freaking windy here.
  • How do  you know when you are over trained or that your body needs a break?
  • Do you take one or two days off for recovery during the week when training?

5 responses to “Reaching your limits

  1. I hope your foot/ankle is okay!
    I HATE HATE HATE running in wind. I LOVE running in the rain 🙂
    I’m still in the process of learning this, but my knees and shins are the first to tell me when I’m over training. In terms of recovery, it completely depends on how I’m feeling and how hard I’ve worked during the week, but usually I take one active recovery day and one complete recovery day. The days of the week that those fall on varies.

  2. I can’t run when it’s humid out, which for Indiana is June-Sept. I just can’t breathe which makes me miserable. So summers are for hiking under tree cover and running on a treadmill. It’s good that you know your body well enough to take breaks. That will hopefully prevent any more injury 🙂 Take care of your feet and they’ll keep taking you where you need to go.

  3. It’s really windy here sometimes too–it’s like it accelerates coming down the mountains. I’m sorry that your foot/ankle was so swollen after those runs–but it’s very heartening to me that you’re able to train for marathons after those surgeries.

Thoughts? Ideas? Questions? I love hearing from you all!

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