5 Things Friday!

Happy Good Friday to all of you with today off. I didn’t even know that I had today off until I asked my adviser if I could pop into her office this morning and she said she wouldn’t be here. I always work from home on Fridays and today is no exception considering that there are 2 weeks left to the semester and I have an enormous amount of proposals and papers to keep chipping away at.

Alright-On to the good stuff, my friends-5 Things Friday. Here is everything that I am pumped about and you should be too!

1. I hit the jackpot yesterday as a  social scientist and was awarded (quite easily) I might add, the rest of the $$ I need to conduct my research FULL TIME for the summer. That means no bartending, summer school teaching, or waiting tables. Unless I want to of course.

Here's what my floor looks like studying-now my summer will be filled with this!

2. Training for this weekend-A 10 miler at marathon goal pace today (before the 60 mph winds kick up today). Followed by a 15 miler tomorrow. NBD. Right, because I am still running damn near 2 hours each day! I started reading Kristen Armonstrong’s “Mile Marker’s” last night to get myself pumped up.

3. The good news about all that running-we are having a sleepover at my Mom’s tomorrow night complete with tons of food, libations, hot tubbing, and trashy reality tv. So, it will all be worth it!

Love family dinners!

This girl knows her way to her auntie's heart-she gets me out of doing dishes!

4. Sunday is Easter. That means picking up where my G-Ma Watts left off on the Easter Egg hunt. We always celebrated Easter in big fashion growing up. Church at St. Johns followed by dinner and the Easter Egg hunt at my G-Ma’s. We always got presents that were taped to eggs. So, My favorite 2.5 Foot Tall Red Head is getting eggs with presents. I have been hitting up the dollar bins at our local grocery store (sorry no Target in this town-I know, rough). It is going to be so great. If you need me on my day off from running I will be drinking mimosas and watching a 2 year old run around looking for eggs.

Here she is last Easter with her basket from Auntie. This Easter she is far more mobile.

Love this little one!

5. I have my first giveaway coming up after this weekend! So, get yourselves pumped by heading over to 11’s Wear and check out their gear. This is going to be great-promise. And look for the giveaway after Sunday!


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